Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Times

Today I was at work just working away. Not having a great day not having a bad day. Just a day. And then there was the little ding that says I have a new email. I open it to find this picture of my kiddo! His teacher sent it to me. They had lots of fun painting with shaving cream and she was kind enough to share a photo of the fun with me. My normal day turned to great instantly. God I love that kid!

And I love that he is doing so many fun activities each day. I so wish I could be home with him but this picture reminds me of what a good experience daycare is for him. The activities and interaction are wonderful for him. And most of all it reassures me that he is okay. He has a blast during the day and is learning lots in the midst of all the play and then I get to pick him up and we can have our own fun and learning. Removes my working mama guilt.

And dang it that shaving cream covered smiling kid just makes my heart happy!!!

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