Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This week I did NOT cry over broken tiles or sewer water! I wouldn't waste tears over silly things like that!

I did NOT put my toddler in the empty bath tub at my cousin's house so I could run downstairs and get some things without worrying about him falling down the stairs. Since The Hulk can't crawl out of the tub that would NOT be a great way to trap him while I packed our things.

I did NOT open our suitcase and just place all the clothes directly into the washer when we got home.

I did NOT put The Hulk' bath toys in the dishwasher to sanitize them rather than washing them all by hand.

What did you NOT do this week?

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Good and The Bad

The Good

I had a wonderful time with my family for Thanksgiving! I got to spend Thanksgiving Day with Heather, The Hulk, and my Dad's side of the family. Wonderful food, wonderful weather, and wonderful company! Then we were able to go to Tulsa to visit my Mom's side of the family. Again wonderful food, weather and people. Such a great time. Why does it have to end????

You know that pesky IRS audit that has been hanging over my head. The one where they said I owed them $10,000! Yes that one! Well my fabulous tax man finished everything up on our end and it appears they actually owe ME! And they owe me $4900.00. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

The Bad

The ceramic tile in my kitchen is all coming up. I've lost about 10 pieces so far and it just keeps coming up. No good. Not only is it really unattractive it is also pretty unsafe for The Hulk. Let's hope that refund comes soon!

While I had a wonderful time with Heather on Thanksgiving Day we also had quite a mess on our hands. The sewer system backed up into the house so we spent a great portion of the day cleaning up sewer water. In fact 60 gallons of sewer water is what I got out of the carpet with the Wet Vac. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

Tonight I got home from Tulsa to start laundry and there was no hot water! UGH!

And I have no cell phone! I am in the process of changing cell phone providers and it seems the service got changed before I had a new phone so now I have a phone but no service. That sucks!

So that is the long and short of it folks. Lots of good stuff, lots of bad stuff. Hopefully the good will keep coming and we can push this bad out of the way!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ready To See My Family

Wow I'm really ready to see my family. I've been missing them like crazy lately. Luckily Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Heather is coming home tomorrow night and then we are going to see my Dad's side of the family on Thursday. Yeah! The Hulk hasn't seen grandma and grandpa the great in awhile. And my aunts and uncles will be there too. Should be lots and lots of fun!

Then Friday the boy and I are hitting the road and heading to Tulsa. I'm so missing my aunts it's not even funny. I totally don't have the money to make the trip but I sold a couple art prints this week just so I could go. I have never pushed so hard at selling something in my life. But I really really need to see my people. So pushy sales lady I am. I haven't seen the crazy aunts since the 4th of July! That is too long. So roadtrip it is. Let's hope the bathroom stops go better on this trip than on the last.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This has been such a crazy week. Super busy with regular work and photography work. And of course some little boy always keeps me on my toes. I'm so thankful it is only a three day work week! Maybe it will be a little calmer.... Since it was crazy there are plenty of not me's to go around.

Like I promise I did NOT actually utter the following statements at some point this week.

"The Hulk please don't eat the grout."

"I'm going to be late to work because a truck drove into my house."

"The Hulk quit turning Grandma's oxygen off."

"The Hulk seriously if you turn the oxygen off again I'm going to have to spank you."

"Why are these toys in the dryer?"

"Let's not feed the dog yogurt."

"No wonder it's hot in here. The oven has been on since last night."

"Mattie don't lock the little kids in the closet."

"In this house we don't put dirty diapers in the clothes hamper."

"Why do you have a bump it on your Afro puff?"

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Camera Fun

This weekend I had 6 photo sessions. What a busy busy time. But also very fun. These are some pics from a family session I did. I think they are kinda funny. Of course I got all the traditional Christmas card stuff too but I always love the random pictures that really kinda capture family dynamics or people the best. So they always seem to be the ones I pick to share. I would take a funny picture over a traditional pic any day!

Honestly I'm loving my photography work so much. I wish it was all I had to do. I'm getting busy enough that it really is taking about 30 hours a week. So while wonderful it is wearing me out. Or in all honesty my real job wears me out but I have to do it so I can have insurance for The Hulk and I. Dang that health insurance! I wish I could just take pictures everyday! Maybe some day.....




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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Power Of Music

The other day I had a discussion with some of my friends about music. We got talking about those songs that really touch us. The ones that no matter where you are when you hear the words it takes you back to a certain moment. Those songs that touch your soul and can bring a person back to you for a moment. The songs that remind you of your first kiss, last kiss, and the best kisses in between. You know those songs! We all have a few that just get us. And I find it so interesting what songs really get other people. So I'll share mine if you share yours....

Josh Groban singing To Where You Are makes me cry every time I hear it. But that song reminds me that even though my mom isn't here it isn't far to her. It gives me reassurance that I'll see her again. And it reminds me that I can feel her if I quiet myself just long enough... The video of it is below.

Another song that really gets me is Let There Be Peace On Earth. That has always been one of my favorite songs. When I was a little girl I loved to sing it at Christmas. And even now I still love it! I guess I really do believe that if everyone let it begin with them there might really be peace on earth someday.

And the final one is Come Some Rainy Day by Wynonna Judd. I'm not a big Wynonna fan but that song amazes me. I hear it and it takes me to the day my sister was born. It's like I can see how perfect and new she was. It brings all those feelings back of how excited and amazed I was to have her. Love that song! Love that feeling!!! There is a line in the song that says "I still catch my breath when someone mentions you." And that's the truth about Heather. She really did take my breath away when she was born. I'd never felt a love like that before.

So those are my songs. What are yours???

Clickin Mama

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Remember That Time....

Remember that time a truck drove into my house... Oh yes I remember it like it was yesterday! Oh wait that was just yesterday. It is true a truck took a slight detour and went off roading in my yard!

I had just dropped The Hulk off at daycare yesterday when I got a call from the police department asking me to come to my house because in the officer's words, "a guy drove his truck into your house." So I envisioned a truck sitting in my living room! But when I arrived home it wasn't that bad. The truck actually came up my drive way, hitting my trash cans, through the yard and flower beds, and back out of the yard to knock over the neighbors tree. So it didn't actually go into the house. The trash cans and debris from the landscaping did break the front door but otherwise all the damage was too the yard.

Here are a few pics but they don't really capture what the yard actually looks like. There are lots of ruts and what not and one other flower bed was damaged but I didn't get it in the pics. But it could have been SO much worse!

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In fact the route the truck took through the driveway was right in the path of where my car usually sits. It also is right where I would have been loading The Hulk in the car to go to daycare about 10 minutes earlier. And it is also where 9 children gathered about 20 minutes before that to get on the school bus. So the entire neighborhood is feeling very blessed tonight that none of our children were hurt! This morning as I walked out of the house with The Hulk I actually felt a little nervous. I've never worried about getting hit by a car in my yard before but it gives you a different perspective. We really are so fortunate that all of our kids were safe! The total loss was 4 mailboxes, two trash cans, one tree, 10 yard lights, a screen door, landscape timbers, and my yard. All things that are fixable!

Who knew I'd feel relieved that my yard was destroyed! Amazing how kids change your perspective on things!!!

Clickin Mama

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This week I did NOT think I was going to die from whatever this horrible sickness was that I had or still have or whatever. I did NOT cough so hard for so long that I ended up peeing my pants once or twice...

I did NOT let my child watch too many videos or eat too much junk because I just didn't have the energy to stick to the rules.

I did NOT in an attempt to keep my child away from the open oven while I was removing a hot casserole have to use my foot to knock him over. I would NOT round house kick a toddler even lightly to prevent severe burns. NEVER!!! And I would never purposely knock my child over. Who does that!

I did NOT feel really grateful that the newspaper came to do our interview last week when I was more on my game rather than this week when the news story could have read very differently.

What did you Not do this week?

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is Everything Alright In There

Last weekend The Hulk and I took a road trip to attend my sister's best friend's wedding. Whew that was a mouth full! Anyways, Kelci's wedding was 3 hours from our home. So the closer we got to our destination the worse I had to go to the bathroom. But I didn't want to stop with The Hulk because it is just a hassle. So I text my sister to tell her we are 10 minutes away and ask where to meet her. I'm thinking to myself that I can't wait to hand him off to her and run for the bathroom. Well she informs me that they are in another small town about 15 miles away and to just meet them at the church for the rehearsal. She also informs me there are lots of parks to take The Hulk too to kill some time. Super! I really have to pee!

So I decide I can't wait any longer and we stop at a McDonald's as soon as we get to town. I take the wiggly toddler into the handicap stall with me and this is what went down....

Me: The Hulk mommy has to go potty. You need to stand right there and not move.

The Hulk: No no! He begins to attempt to crawl under the door.

Me: I grab The Hulk and pull him back from under the door. The Hulk you can't crawl on the floor. Just stand right there for one minute.

The Hulk: Wat Dat as he begins to pull the toilet paper off the roll.

Me: Using my firm voice now. The Hulk seriously stop touching things. No No!

The Hulk: Wat Dat as he begins to play with the trash can that I know is covered in poop germs!

Me: I grab The Hulk up and hold his wiggling kicking body under one arm while I hover over the toilet peeing because you know you can't sit down.

The Hulk: Begins to scream and cry. Using his most pathetic shriek that could only mean that a troll has rammed a bamboo shoot under his fingernails. He kicks harder I try to hover. I begin to sway. I yell at him to quit it.

And then I hear it. The shrill little old lady voice. "Is everything alright in there?"

Me: It's super thanks for asking!

Seriously who asks that. Does it sound like things are okay. I have three hours worth of pee that I'm trying to hover over a toilet and release, a kid that is acting like a crackhead and has now bit down on my arm in an attempt to be released, and in the midst of it all I just lost my balance and peed on my shoe!!!


Clickin Mama

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Don't Like Girls

Have I ever told you that I don't like girls. Well it's not that I don't really like them. Girls are fine. But girls are not boys. And I love being a boy mama. Truth be told I've never really wanted a daughter. Because you know I don't like girls.....

But I really like Ellie!


You know girls require more work. There is much hair involved in raising girls. There are bows and little things that you have to stick into their hair. And I don't like that. And I just really don't like girls.

But I really love Ellie...


And girls are so indecisive. You never really know what they want. My boy is clear. It's either food or something to break. I can handle that. Boys are just so easy and uncomplicated. And I don't like girls at all! Never have, never will...

But did I mention that I really really like Ellie...


When you are a boy mama you know you are the most adored person in the world. Boys just adore their mama's. They do. And they may be rough and tumble but those boy hugs are just the best. And I don't like girls... I don't want a girl.. I don't need a girl... I DON'T LIKE GIRLS!

But I really really really love Ellison Kaye...

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Maybe I like girls just enough to have one someday....

Clickin Mama

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Hulk Is In the Paper

*** Update ***

Since I posted I actually got a hard copy (okay 10) of the paper and The Hulk is actually on the front page! I'm so thrilled that an adoption story got the front page! Even better yet that it happens to be our adoption story! So fun!

*** Original Post ***

Today the newspaper ran the story about The Hulk's adoption! I am really very pleased with the article and I am so very thankful to the Emporia Gazette and Brandy Nance for taking the time to share a positive adoption story! To view the story just click here. The online edition doesn't have the pictures but you all know how cute The Hulk is anyways!

Clickin Mama

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You know I haven't been this sick in years! The last time I was sick like this was right before my Dad and Crickets wedding. I'm sick like really truely stay in bed the majority of the day sick. Like don't brush your hair, or cook a meal, or want to do anything sick. But even though I'm that kind of sick you can't sleep all day long. There are times that I'm awake. And since I don't have the energy to really get up and do anything I've just been laying in the bed and observing a few things....

Like my ceiling fan has an incredibly disguisting layer of dust on the blades. When I have some energy I'm gonna dust that off.

And in my closet I have noticed that I have more purple and green shirts than any one person should own. I need to switch it up the next time I have money to shop and buy some other colors of clothes.

There is also a spot right above my window that I missed when painting. It is a weird patch of mismatched color that I had never noticed before. However, it is now annoying me and it's one of the few things I can seem to focus on.

So that's what I've spent the day doing... Observing and coughing...

What about you?

Clickin Mama

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Medicine Is Weird

Today I went to the doctor because I coughed all night long. And then this morning it kinda felt like a really fat man was sitting on my lungs. And when I breath there is a rattling sound and it feels like I can't get air. Probably good signs I should go to the doctor right. So I go and the doctor said it's a good thing you came in and gave me a breathing treatment right away. Now I know why The Hulk isn't such a big fan of those. They make you feel really weird. He also gave me lots of prescriptions. I have an antibiotic, two inhalers, breathing treatments, and cough medicine. Lots of medicine my friends! I feel a flash back from when The Hulk was in the hospital in March. I have almost the exact same meds he did then. It makes me sad to think that he could have possibly felt this yucky! I feel horrible and I can describe how I feel. That poor kid wasn't even one yet. Poor guy!

Anyways I get home with my car full of meds and start taking them out of the bags and reading directions and what not. And I notice something odd. On the direction sheet with my antibiotic it says DO NOT TAKE WITH FOOD. It lists all these reasons why you should take it on an empty stomach. Mainly it absorbs better on an empty stomach. But then I look at the bottle and it has a little sticker that says take with food! Seriously?!? So do you take it with food or without food? Shouldn't someone clarify that? So since I don't feel like eating I just took it on an empty stomach. I haven't blown up yet so I'm guessing that is okay.

Medicine is weird!

Clickin Mama

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Oh what a wonderful weekend! So wonderful in fact that I really really wish that it was NOT Monday! But it is so I guess I'll share a bit with you about what I have NOT been doing...

I did NOT take a 3 hour long road trip with my baby to a little town in Western Kansas. I did Not count every passing minute in the car and pray we could somehow get there and back faster.

I did NOT allow my toddler to eat excessive amounts of cheese its and apple jacks to keep him content and not screaming. I did NOT answer his question of "what's dat" about 904 times. And I did NOT participate in the car dance off of the year with him while leaving his three favorite songs on repeat! I can promise that while all of that was NOT occurring I was also NOT thankful for the really silly memories we were building.

I did NOT get the child and myself to the small Kansas town to awaken Saturday morning really sick. Fever, body aches, cough, runny nose, flu symptoms galore. After talking with my best friend and nurse I did NOT contact my doctor and get a prescription for Tamiflu called in for me. And the cost of Tamiflu is NOT ridiculous and did NOT overdraft my checking account. ARGH!!!

I did NOT take my expensive meds and start feeling well enough to enjoy a beautiful wedding, capture some great pictures and dance like a wild woman! I did NOT have an amazingly wonderful time and wish like crazy we could do it again soon!

I did NOT get a speeding warning on my way home. And I did NOT wish like crazy I could call in sick to work today to recover from the weekend fun and sickness!

What did you NOT do?

Clickin Mama

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today would be my mom's 60th birthday. How crazy is that! I try to wrap my mind around what she would be like at 60 and I just can't. I have a feeling she would get a kick out of being 60. We would have had a big old party. Her sisters and brothers would have put together some silly games and decorations for her. I can just picture them decorating a walker or something for her. I can almost imagine how wild and funny they would all be. But my mom won't ever be 60....

Clickin Mama

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Gift

Well as I mentioned yesterday we are heading to Kelci's wedding today. I actually wrote this post awhile ago and it will be scheduled to post since I'll be out of town. Yes it's true I'm leaving my home and going on a trip. I'm staying in a hotel. I'm going to have an alcoholic beverage at a wedding reception. I'm doing my hair and putting on a pretty outfit. I'm gonna be having fun! So I won't be blogging while I'm doing all of that and taking pictures. So no blogging while I'm gone but I planned ahead just so you can see these pictures!

Kelci wanted to give her lovely groom something a little sexy for a wedding day gift. Something kinda bold and sensual and well just fun! So we had a little photo session. And her lucky groom is receiving a beautiful photo album with pictures like these.....




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Quite a gift huh?!?!

Clickin Mama

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exciting Times

Things are rather exciting around here this week. That's a nice change from the same old routine we have been in for awhile. So what is exciting us you ask. How about The Hulk being a little bit of a celebrity! Tonight the local paper came to do an interview all about The Hulk and his adoption story! He is going to be the face of adoption in our community since it is National Adoption Month!!! I'm so excited for him. I think this will be something awesome to add to his baby book for him to look back on. It's so nice to be able to share a positive adoption story with the community. We had a lot of fun tonight with the reporter and photographer so I can't wait to see what the story is like and what pictures they use of him. He was quite the charmer and on best behavior. He is such a great kid!

And wedding stuff is happening this weekend! My sister Heather is the maid of honor for her best friend Kelci on Saturday. And I'm taking pictures. So we have had a busy week of last minute planning and packing and a little bit of panic. But we are really excited! Not only will the wedding be a blast but we get to take a 3 hour roadtrip to get to her hometown where the wedding will be held. We haven't been out of town since the 4th of July! I don't even care that we are going to a little town in Western Kansas!!! Can you say VACATION!!!!

So that's what I know around here. Exciting times, happy times, heck just a change in time!

Clickin Mama

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Intruder

Last night I was sleeping soundly when the dog started to go nuts. Lena barks a lot but she has a certain bark that tells me that something very bad is happening. So I flew out of bed and headed down the hall. I noticed that The Hulk's door was open so my heart skipped a beat. I just knew that with the barking and the door open that someone had broken in and stolen my baby.

So I go running down the hallway towards the barking and flip on the kitchen light. And what do I find??? I find my child sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor eating raisins. RAISINS!!!! I about have a heart attack and he had gotten up for a midnight snack! He gave me this look like "What Mama?" Like I was the biggest freak in the world and it was totally natural for him to be doing such a thing.

So I've learned that he can open his bedroom door. I've also learned that child proofing the cabinets was absolutely pointless since he can open them and get whatever he wants even in the dark! I've also made a list of things I need from the hardware store. Like chain locks for the exterior doors so even if he escapes from his room he can't get outside at night. And I think I'm also going to renew my prescription for anti anxiety meds because this kid freaks me the heck out!

Clickin Mama

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My walks are starting to get boring.... I try to add new music to my ipod to listen too but that just isn't cutting it anymore. So I thought I might try a podcast. Do any of you listen to any good podcasts. I've never tried it before and there seem to be about a million out there. Anyone have any suggestions??? I'm afraid that if it keeps being boring I'll give up and throw in the towel.

Clickin Mama

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adoption Month

Today is the first day of National Adoption Month! I know it will suprise you but celebrating adoption is one of my favorite things to do! I hope you all will join me in celebrating and advocating for adoption this month! Here are some easy and fun things that you can do this month to celebrate adoption.

Donate a book about adoption to your local library, school, church, or daycare.

Visit Adopt US Kids and encourage your friends and family members to do so also. There are approximatly 129,000 children waiting to be adopted in the United States. You don't have to be perfect to be a parent. Please consider adopting an older child.

Donate money or time to an adoption agency in your area. Or just send a card of thanks or a basket of goodies to an adoption social worker you know. They will appreciate it!

Share your own adoption story in your community. Sharing about positive adoption stories is important and gives waiting children and families hope.

Let's try to make sure that every child has a home. Advocate for adoption today and everyday!

Clickin Mama