Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These beautiful zinnias are growing in my flower bed. They are mixed in with about a million and one weeds. But they are thriving. They haven't been choked out yet. That alone is impressive to me. They also impress me because they are my mom's. Every year my mom would plant them and every year she would save the seeds for the following year. So these plants come from her seed.

Every day when I walk past them on the way to and from the car or mailbox I think of her. I remember how she used to care for them. I can promise you she took much better care of them than I did. She actually weeded her flower beds and watered on a regular basis.

And while they bring many good memories about her to the front of my mind they also make me miss her. But heck what doesn't make me miss her! I just wish she was hear. I wouldn't even mind if she griped at me for not taking care of my flower beds...

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