Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Other Things I Say...

"Can you please not climb on the table."

"Seriously I mean get the heck off the table!"

"Wow that is a whole lot of post it notes you put on the couch."

"I know you want more grapes but you have to eat something else."

"Because if you eat any more grapes you will poop a whole lot."

"Because grapes make lots of poop I guess."

"That's just how god made them, grapes make you poop."

"We aren't going to talk about the grapes anymore, no more talk about poop either, you can have a cheese stick."

"Why is your diaper off."

"I'm sorry your pinus is weally hot. But we don't just take our diaper off."

"Yes I would love to give you more hugs."

1 comment:

Theresa said...

The reason he wanted his diaper off, weally make me laugh!! He must be a joy every single day!!