Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Behind The Times

Oh I'm so behind on blogging and well life. But the good news is because I've been really busy! Lots of photo sessions, yard work, and chasing the kidlet. The weather has cooled off which means we have been out in the yard a ton lately. We have been transplanting flowers, moving rocks, planting grass and catching snails. The kidlet loves snails!

We have a catch and release program going. He can catch any critter he wants and put it in the bug box. But in the morning before heading out for the day he has to release them all. Most of the time this works out okay. However, the past couple days the snails have all been dead. I don't know what the deal is with that. But tonight he caught things and then before bed we let them go. Trial and error in the catch and release program.

We have been struggling lots lately with listening to the mama. Hulk is super head strong. Part of this I love because it means he is a leader, outgoing, social, and a great advocate for himself. I like knowing that he doesn't always walk in a straight line and follow the crowd. I'm good with that. However, there is a certain amount of compliance that I expect from him. Lately he has really be struggling with that. Which means I'm struggling. Which means lots of time outs and lost video time and fits and you know how all that goes. But I'm sure it will pass soon. It always does.

Tonight I put him to bed and heard him singing a little song I'm sure you all are familiar with. He just added a special verse just for me. Enjoy!

Old McDonald had a farm
And on that farm he had a mama
With a no no here
and a no no there
here a no there a no
everywhere a no no

God I love him. I swear one day I'm going to miss this!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bath Time

Dinosaurs need baths too!
At our house bathing dinosaurs is quite a big deal.
Hulk loves to wash them
and dry them
He really loves to wrap them up like burritos in my dish towels
And rock them
Just like I do with him after a bath
So if you haven't washed your dinosaurs lately
just let us know
I'll send him right over
to help you!!!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Was She Thinking

The news has been filled with stories lately that leave me asking myself... "What Were They Thinking????" Case in point --- acid girl. Yes I know this isn't a nice name for her but it's fitting. Acid girl claimed a couple weeks ago that a black girl with slicked back hair threw some acid in her face. That's not nice! Throwing acid at someone is just darn mean if you ask me. When I first read the story I felt so bad for her. Seriously she is hearing impaired and also has been attacked by an acid thrower. How much worse can it get? Poor girl!
Yeah I don't feel so bad for her now. It seems that instead of a black girl with slicked back hair the cops should have been looking for a crazy hearing impaired girl that threw acid on her own face! Seriously who throws acid on their own face. That's worse than throwing acid on a strangers face in my opinion. I'm not a fan of acid throwing at all but really throwing acid on your own face!
What in the world was she thinking? How do you wake up one morning and just decide to throw some acid on your face? Is there a discussion that goes on in your brain? Something like "Well I could go to the pool today." "No I better not go swim today, this is throw acid on my face day." Or is it something along the lines of "I have some really bad skin." "I should get one of those skin peels so I have that fresh new skin glow." "I can't really afford that so I'll just pick up some acid and throw it on my own face!" Who throws acid on their damn face???

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Things I Say


"Oh a big clock! Can you say clock with an L in it?"

"Please don't put sticks in the air conditioner".

"Because it could cut your hand off."

"Because it's sharp and it will hurt you."

"No that's not AWESOME!" "Get away from the damn air conditioner now!"

"Why is my comb in the toilet?"

"No it can't swim so don't do that again."

"Why are the dinosaurs like that?"

"Well that's very nice of them to hug."

"Sure wish I got hugs like that."

"That is great drawing buddy but let's not do it on the wall. Only draw on paper."

"Why are you licking the couch?"

"Oh because you spilled your milk there." "Please don't do that again and stop licking the couch you look like a dog."

"Well if you really are a dog can I put you in a cage?"

"I shouldn't' have said that. You can put kids in cages. "

"No your not getting a cage."

"Forget it just lick the dang couch if you want."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life Is To Short...

To Live In Neutral!!!
So with that in mind I decided that I was done with this boring black patio set.
My parents bought this patio furniture when I was 6!
That was 24 years ago!
It has held up amazingly well and only had a few spots of rust.
But it was boring!
So I found cans of spray paint on sale for $1.25 a can.
And not only were they on sale but they were in all kinds
of fun and funky colors!
Cheap and fun!
That just makes my day!!!
So after a few evenings with my cans of spray paint a transformation occurred.
My boring yet reliable patio furniture got a make over.
It's now bright and cheery
and super fun!

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Because you know life is just to short...
to live in neutral!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Hairy Lesson

Friday night I cut my bangs. Hulk saw me do this and asked if he could do it. I immediately explained to him that Mama shouldn't cut her own hair, no one should cut hair unless it is there job. And I told him he should never ever cut his hair. Well he didn't! He cut mine!

Early Saturday morning around 5:00 I heard a little voice say uh oh mama. Hair has ouchies! I was barely awake and reached out for him and he said it again. Hair ouchies as he handed me the scissors. I flipped on the light and turned around and my bed was full of hair! He had cut my hair right below the rubber band holding my ponytail in place. Five inches of hair! He also cut a small section pretty short on the side.

Once it sunk in I was thrilled that he just cut my hair! He climbed onto the bathroom cabinet and had to open the vanity and get the scissors out then jumped down and got into my bed with the scissors and managed to only cut my hair and not stab himself or I! That's a miracle in my book.

So after a trip to an amazing hair stylist I have a fun new short do. I would never have cut my hair short on my own but I really like it. So my little stylist did a good job after all. Regardless of how well it all turned out the scissors are now very hidden and we have had several more discussions about how we never ever ever cut our hair or anyone elses.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Longing

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No words really...
Just an image...
Of Hulk and Heather...
Our Labor Day weekend of longing...
For our mom...
And grandma...