Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day

We have one heck of a storm headed our way. At least that is what the weatherman says. I'm not quite sure I believe it. For my blog readers in snowy states like Minnesota and North Dakota our big storm probably seems like a walk in the park. But Kansas doesn't react well to lots of snow. Or well anything more than 3 inches of snow.

Since we react poorly to large amounts of snow and our city doesn't seem to know how to clear roads my office is closed tomorrow and Wednesday! I'm thrilled that I don't have to get out and drive but I'm a little nervous about being stuck inside for a couple more days with just the kidlet and I.

Today I picked up a few supplies to get us through the next couple days. Some craft supplies and what not. I've got a couple games planned and hopefully I can keep him busy and away from the television as much as possible. I get so sick of the tv! Planned activities are a must!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crafty Kid

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I've got one crafty kid. Today we worked on Valentine's Cards. He thought that was cool. Anything that involves a sticker is pretty darn great in his book! So he stuck stickers on everything and colored while I cleaned the kitchen and took breaks to cut out more hearts for him. Very productive day for my little crafter. I believe half the state of Kansas will be getting a Valentine made by Hulk.

I also took pictures today. Lots of pictures. Which means that as soon as I'm done typing this post I will be editing pictures... Lots of pictures. I had several really cute kiddos today so I'm hoping I got some great shots. We will see....

Have a super weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Snow

Dear Snow-

I used to love you when I was a kid. But my love affair with you has ended since having a kid of my own. You always tease me and that causes me great pain. I look out the windows and you seem so gentle and beautiful. And then I put my coat on and my kids coat on and we venture out and in no time he is screaming about you freezing his face. So because I'm a nice mom I pick him up and let him bury his frozen face into my neck and I continue to head to the car. But snow you again tease me. You look so soft on the ground but no no you are not! You are really slippery and you make me fall into you in the driveway of the daycare so everyone can see me. The other parents see me about throw my frozen faced toddler into the street as my fat body flies about. Of course I land in the biggest pile of snow there is. My kid falls on top of me and I feel like a turtle stuck on my back in the middle of a blizzard. By the time I finally get myself out of the snow pile and get the kid in the car I'm covered in frozen bits of snow and ice, my coat wasn't fastened so my shirt is soaked and somehow snow has gotten into my bra. The kid is crying, my boobs are frozen and the radio says we are getting 4 more inches of you tonight. Yeah I'm officially over you. So dear snow please go away!

Thanks much!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Running Away

We are running away! Just for the weekend. But running away we are! We are off to the big city to visit with family, celebrate a birthday, and just have a good time. My phone doesn't work so well where we are going so there will be zero work involved. Just fun! We are ready. We are set. And we are gone!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping Him Busy

Keeping Hulk busy during the winter months is a bit of a challenge for me. Since we can't play outside as much he spends way to much time watching videos! I'm trying to put a stop to that. Luckily he is really into "projects". He loves making things. The hard part for me is coming up with new projects for him to do!


Recently we made these kid friendly stain glass things. So so simple to do and they were lots of fun for him. The only downside is that they are pretty fragile and don't stay together long after all his loving.

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So simple to make! Here is what you need...

Washable Markers
Coffee Filters
Spray bottle of water
Hole punch

Have the kids color all over the coffee filters with markers. Using a bunch of different colors works best. Once the filter is completely colored you spray it with the water. You want the whole filter to be wet but not dripping wet. Squish the filter together a few times then hang or lay flat to dry. Once it's dry you hole punch it and put a ribbon through it so it will hang in the window or wherever else you want it. It looks kind of tie dyed.

If you have any project ideas send them my way. I'm having a hard time being creative...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mr. Mom

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Hulk has suddenly turned into Mr. Mom. He is always asking me to play babies or mom with him. It cracks me up. He tells me you lay down and go waa waa and be the baby. I'm the mama. Poor kid doesn't have a clue he would be the dad. Someday he will get it figured out.

While I can pretend to be a baby remarkably well I don't fit into the baby stroller. Shocking I know! The stroller was left over from Amara's stay and Hulk has latched on to it and LOVES it! So he will load Buddy up and stroll him all over the house. He usually starts out very gentle but then things progress from Mr. Mom to Mr. Maniac! The day these pictures were taken he took the stroller in the kitchen and was swinging it around and around as fast as he could. I explained to him that Buddy probably wouldn't like having the wheels off the ground, that it might scare or hurt him.

This seemed to get Hulk's attention because he stopped right away and looked at me so seriously and said. "No mama Buddy wikes it a lot. See Buddy's smiling. Take a picture of smile mama." And with that I did.

Let's all say a little prayer that Buddy can keep on smiling....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things I Say

"Where did the apple go?"

"I know you ate it but where is the core?"

"What do you mean you ate it ALL???"

"Take the fly swatter out of your mouth!"

"We don't use our crayons on the TV."

"Yes green is my favorite color but not when it is all over the TV."

"I'm sorry you don't want to pick up your toys but you have to help mama."

"No I really don't think you do everything."

"Well when you work and pay the bills and cook I'll pick up the toys. Until then do it NOW."

"Oh please don't ever open the car door when I'm driving!"

"No it's not real funny."

Yep those are just a few of the things that have come out of my mouth lately.... Never a dull moment!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm excited... I'm happy... Like really happy... Oddly happy...

I don't know how to explain it really. There is no real reason for it. I just finally feel happy again. I finally feel like me again. Like the me I was before my mom got sick. It's odd really. But it's kind of like the fog has lifted. This month is 5 years ago that she got sick. Like really sick. Does it really take 5 years for happy to come back? And should I feel guilty that happy is returning? Because I feel a little guilty.

But mostly I feel happy and excited. Excited about life again and living. Excited about all the cool things going on in my life. Things like Wagoner Photography and the new blog I just lauched. I'm heading into year three of business and I'm excited about the new changes coming. I'm excited to see with a solid business and marketing plan in place what all I can do this year.

I'm excited about how really cool my kid is getting to be. Parenting a toddler is SO much easier than a baby. We have so much fun together now. We have some fun things planned for the coming months and I'm excited to take him places and do things now that he can actually give me some feedback and get excited too.

So life is exciting and happy and just a little bit guilt filled!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sleep Disturbance

Last night I just could not fall asleep! I tossed and turned and was just wide awake. The last time I looked at the clock it was 1:30. I finally dozed off! Only to have some crazy weird dream that woke me up about 3. Seriously it was weird. Not scary weird. Stupid annoying weird. Ever have one of those dreams. YUCK! So finally about 3:30 I fell back asleep.

Only to be woken up at 5 by someone grabbing my arm. Grabbing my arm really hard. Like I couldn't get away. I was screaming and yanking and couldn't seem to get free. I ended up getting somewhat loose and got the light turned on and came to my senses. It seems my attacker was really myself. I had somehow gotten my arm stuck inside my pillow case and it had fallen asleep so it was really heavy. The more I struggled to get it free the more tangled up it became. Once I quit screaming and realized what was happening I just started laughing. Laughing like a crazy sleep deprived woman.

I didn't even attempt to go back to sleep. I'm praying tonight I don't attack myself and just sleep well....

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have a confession to make. I'm sure I'll be judged but I don't care. I just have to be honest. I'll lay it all on the line and bare my soul. I'm brave like that! Here goes!

I absolutely HATE taking my child to church! It is the most stressful parenting experience for me and I dread it with a passion!

But one of the goals for 2011 is to do better about going. He needs to go to church. I'm blaming this on my mom. I know if my mom was alive she would make me take him. So I'm taking him. But I hate it. He is so high energy and all over the place. He can't sit still, he talks and roars, he climbs under pews, he crawls all over me, I can't hear anything, I can't look at the hymnal long enough to actually see what hymn were singing let alone sing it! I hate it! The only little bit of God I get out of church is the prayer I say over and over that I don't beat him during the service. Yeah it's not the least bit enjoyable for me.

But we are going. I keep praying it will get easier. I keep praying one day I'll look over at him in the pew and be glad I took him. Until then I'm going to grit my teeth and push forward. But next week I may drink a little before we head in for the service.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone. They seem to go faster the older I get. Funny how that works. We were pretty wild on New Year's Eve! We played with play-doh, made about 3 packets of magic grow dinosaur capsules, and watched Toy Story. I also cleaned my office and did three loads of laundy. Yes wild we are!

I'm not making any resolutions this year. I'm not a fan of them. But with each new year I do make goals for the year. Goals for myself, goals for my business. It helps me stay on track. Nothing huge just a plan to help guide me.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and I hope that 2011 brings all of us many blessings and lots of laughter!