Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Really I can't say anything else about this! The picture speaks for itself! Yes that is a tampon and yes Sylas calls those "spinners".
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Monday, June 6, 2011

I Believe

I believe that when you are good to others they tend to be good to you

I believe if they aren't you should be able to punch them in the face and not get in trouble

I believe more food should be served on sticks

I believe the older I get the less I care about what others think

I believe in ghosts and spirits and things that go bump in the night

I believe in laughing

a lot

mostly at myself

I believe picnics should be a mandatory part of summer

I believe ants at picnics should be banned

I believe in God

I believe exercise and eating right shouldn't be combined

I believe if you eat right you shouldn't have to exercise

I believe moms should have mandatory bedtimes too

I believe I am tired

I believe it is time to say good night

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You Intuniv

Making the decision to medicate my toddler was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. It went against every parenting belief I held. But we had run out of options. I was desperate, Hulk was desperate. We were at a point where we couldn't keep moving on like we were. So medication it was.


I handed my 3 1/2 year old a little pill called Intuniv. Watched him swallow it and cheered for him being such a big boy. And I said a prayer that it would help him and not hurt him! And help him it has!!! The first few weeks he was pretty sleepy. It took him awhile to adjust to it. But now that he has adjusted it is amazing. Intuniv has given me my son back!


These pictures are proof that it has given us our lives back. These pictures are of a silly little boy munching on some crackers at the grocery store. Not a big deal to most people but HUGE for Hulk. He hadn't been able to go in public to a store or a restaurant in months! He would totally freak out and melt down. Now he can go and it's no big deal. I told him when we got done shopping this day how proud I was of him and he said "I proud of me too." He has also told me that his head isn't at loud and he isn't as wiggly. He can notice the change too.
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Can Intuniv fix it all. Absolutly not! We still work very hard on learning ways to cope and self regulate. We still have behavior modification plans in place. Hulk and I are always learning and trying new things to help him be successful. But Intuniv has given him the chance to calm down enough that he can process and learn those other skills.

I'm not getting paid by Intuniv. I just know when I was considering meds I searched blog after blog and website after website looking for info. If this can help some other desperate parent I hope they find it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun # 18

We are having a blast with our to do list of fun! This was one of the best things I've ever done for us! Tonight we enjoyed item number 18 and headed to C of E park! We took Hulks trike so he could ride it. This park has a great walking path that was super for his trike.

However, he quickly found the flowers and the bugs on the sidewalk and the pond and ditched his bike for exploration. I was all good with that! The walking path is a half mile so he ended up getting a mile walk out of the deal. Probably more because he was running all over. Made for a happy and tired boy when we were done.

This kid loves sticks! And he loves water! Throwing sticks into the water was like a little bit of heaven for him! Who knew???? While this park has the perks of good walking/bike riding and the pond there is no playground equipment. So this park lost a few points for that. It won't win the grand prize of best park in town in Hulk's opinion. But it for sure ranks high on the list. Very well maintained!

Now a great time was had at the park until it was time to leave. I was loading his trike into the car and didn't realize he had walked up right beside me. So when I picked up the trike I accidentally whacked him in the head! He immediately told me "I can't wike that!" as the goose egg began to form on his head! When he got out of his bath tonight he asked for an icepack and reminded me that "you not supposa do dat mama." Poor kid!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Desk

My desk is absolutely ridiculous! Right now I'm looking at it and I want to puke! Seriously there is a stack of papers high enough that they have now tipped over and spilled onto the floor. There are about 12 books. A bunch of granola bar wrappers. Photo invoices, a notebook, my kindle. The three hole punch is taking up some room but the best part is the 1873 little round pieces of paper that Hulk dumped out of it all over my desk and floor. That is awesome!

I don't know why I can't seem to keep it cleaned off! It drives me crazy. But in just a matter of days it will be covered again. I can't seem to find a good way to organize all my paperwork. Seriously it really really drives me crazy.

And I just now moved in my desk chair and ran over an old pretzel and a crayon. I've got to clean this crap up! I'll post again if the office doesn't suck me in!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Up

Some random tidbits about what is going on at our house.....

I'm doing an online Bible study of the book Hidden Joy. It's a great book and I'm hoping I'll get a lot of "joy" out of it. If you'd like to join in you still can. We just started this week. Head over to to get all signed up.

Someone is trying really hard to pee in the potty all the time. I can't wait till this is mastered!

I get to photograph a wedding this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm hoping the weather is fantastic since it is outdoors.

Since we don't have cable we watch shows on Instant Netflix. Well I should say we watch one show. The Deadliest Catch. Hulk is obsessed with it! He knows all of the captains names and the names of the boats. He is convinced if he goes fishing here in Kansas he will be able to catch Alaskan crabs. I have a feeling he will be disappointed.

I'm eating Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch right now. Not the best choice but I still have 8 ww points left for the day and 3/4 cup of it is only 3 points. Heck I may eat two servings. I'm wild like that on occasion.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Promise

I don't even know where to start. We went to Max's funeral today and it just breaks my heart. No parents should ever have to bury their child! It's not fair. I hate that Kelci and Kevin have ever experienced such sorrow!

But the minister today said something that stuck with me. He said that never again will Kelci and Kevin be just Kelci and Kevin. They will forever be Maxton's parents. While they will not parent him here he will be waiting for them in heaven. And that reminded me that the only reason this sorrow is so deep is because Maxton was loved so very much. He will forever be their child and will forever be loved and remembered. And God promises to reunite them someday. While I don't want this to be happening I don't know how people ever get through something like this without the promise of heaven and eternity together.

I will never understand this but I will forever understand a parent's love. It never ends. Parents love forever! On this earth or the next. Forever! And I have to believe that love is what will keep Maxton's memory alive until his parents can see him again.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Fun!

I always have a to do list a mile long. Laundry, edit pictures, mop the floors, trim the hedges, water plants, feed the kid, pay the bills, and on and on and on. We all have those lists right. And it dawned on me the other day that all I ever write on those to do lists is work. I plan and plan to get done all of those things. And in the process I often put off having fun! Ridiculous!

So this week Hulk and I made a to do list of all the fun things we want to do this summer. A few of them will cost some money like the zoo and swimming lessons. But the majority of them are really cheap or free and super easy for us to do. Some days we may be able to do two or three of the things of the list. Other days just one. But the whole point is by the end of the summer we should have tackled them all and had a blast in the process.

He helped me put the list together and came up with some great ideas on his own. I filled it in with stuff I enjoyed as a kid or projects I wanted to try with him. I'm looking forward to spending time on the to do list of fun and seeing what adventures the summer holds for us. I'll try to take some pictures along the way and share them with you.

What is on your to do list of fun????

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Max

Sweet Max passed away on Thursday. My heart breaks for Kelci and Kevin. I will never understand why some parents must experience the pain of losing a child. Heartbreaking! If you would like to visit Kelci's blog it can be found at .

This has been a month filled with difficulty for so many people I care about. In the midst of Maxton's struggle a community just a few miles from me was devastated by a tornado. The small town is pretty much destroyed. To see a community in bits and pieces is overwhelming. I've donated supplies and offered to help where I can but wish I could do more. How overwhelmed they all must be.

These things just remind me how powerless we really are. It's amazing how we make plans for the future and stress about the present. When in just a moment it can literally blow away in the wind. It is a great reminder to stay in the moment and enjoy the positive things in life. Who knows when it will change...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Day

Things are still a bit sad around here. Baby Max is hanging in there but there has been no improvement in his health. I continue to pray for his mom and dad and my sister and their families. I can't imagine the pain they must be feeling.

Being a mom is one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I can't imagine not having my wild man around. One of my favorite parts of parenting is getting to be a kid again myself and relive so many fun memories from my own childhood. So I thought I'd share some of our May Day pics tonight. Only 25 days after the fact!

When I was a kid my mom and I would make May Day baskets to take to Grandma and Grandpa Marks our next door neighbors. They weren't really my grandparents but that's what I called them. We would fill our basket with flowers, little candies, etc. Of course we would ring the bell, run and hide and watch from afar as they were surprised. I loved it!

So this year Hulk and I put together a little May Day bag for our neighbors. We filled it with some honeysuckle from the back yard, candy, and some cool magnets we had made.

Hulk was so excited he could hardly stand it. We ran across the street, knocked on the door, and ran back home. He wasn't to thrilled about the running back home part. He really wanted to go inside and watch them open it. But he thought the bag was pretty awesome.

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I can't wait till next year to do it again!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


You know when things are tough and you think you have it pretty bad then something happens and you realize that really isn't the case. It just puts everything in perspective and you realize that there really is always someone that has it worse that you. Well unfortunately I have been reminded of that this week.

My sister's best friend Kelci had a wonderful little boy 7 weeks ago. Max is a doll and is so darn loved. I had the opportunity to take Kelci's maternity pics and she was so very excited. She enjoyed her maternity leave at home with Max, holding him and spoiling him rotten. And then she went back to work and Max went to the sitter. And then Max quit breathing at the sitter. He was resuscitated but has substantial brain damage and can't breath on his own. His loving parents have some very tough decisions to make in the coming days.

My sister has been at the hospital with them quite a bit and their families are all there. They have a lot of support but this is devastating. I'm so proud of them all! There is no rule book for this kind of thing and no way to know how you will handle it until it happens. They are amazing people. I had the opportunity to see Max yesterday and he is just a doll! He has chubby little legs, a dimple chin, and is just adorable. I gave him a little kiss and told him how loved he was and how proud he makes his mommy and daddy.

And then I came home. And Hulk threw a massive fit and I thanked God he could scream. And today when he colored on the wall I reminded myself how lucky I am that he can see. And when he wanted to make bird feeders I said yes even though I had a lot of other things to do. Because at the end of the day the only that that matters is him. The laundry will be there tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yard Therapy

Something has come over me lately. It's an obsession really. My yard. I've lived in this house for 4 years. The first spring/summer I was here after my mom died all I did was lay in the pool. I paid a guy to mow the yard and then did nothing else. And then the past three spring/summers Hulk was so little it was to much of a hassle to do much with the yard. I planted a few flowers but that was about it.

But this year Hulk is big enough to entertain himself in the yard while I work or he can help me. While everything else in my life seems to be falling apart the yard is what holds me together. I feel like it is the one place I have control. I cut down tree branches and bushes. I pile them and then set them ablaze. I move rocks and build flower beds and feel like I'm laying claim to the land. I pull weeds and plant grass and obsessively water and care for it. I yell at Hulk to get out of the grass and baby it along urging it to grow.

Tonight after the yard was nicely mowed and watered I was pushing Hulk on the swings. He was laughing and the sun was starting to set. I could hear the birds and feel the breeze. And as I looked across the yard at my flowers and bright green well fertilized back yard I felt blessed. It was the first feeling of peace I've had in weeks.

Maybe the yard therapy will pay off after all....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornados and Weddings

It's been a busy news week. Horrible natural disasters and a royal wedding! I have only allowed myself to read a few new stories about both. It's these times that I'm a little bit glad I don't have cable anymore. I get too caught up in watching the news and spend way to much time on it. So I've just seen snippets here and there online.

I won't lie though I did love the footage I watched of the royal wedding. It's so silly because I don't really consider myself to be a girlie girl. I was never really into the whole princess thing as a kid. But watching Kate walk down the aisle as a normal girl and then become a princess was pretty cool to me. She looked beautiful and for just a brief moment I really wanted to be a princess too!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts In My Head

So many thoughts in my head... And the bad part is I can't seem to do much with any of them. I'm not sleeping well and Hulk isn't sleeping well. The lack of sleep and the stress means I'm not functioning all that great. So I've resorted to living by way of post it notes. Yes indeed my house and office is now a post it note museum. It's the only way I remember anything! I feel like I did when Hulk was about 6 weeks old and I wasn't sleeping then. Post it notes got me thru that stage, hopefully they can carry me through this one.

I was trying to try all these new techniques and interventions and behavior modifications that I'm learning. But honestly we just need to stabilize. Hulk and I both are overloaded and worn out I think. So the goal now is to just get us back to status quo. We need to get back to a routine that works for us and then add in the new stuff after the meds stabilize and we rest. So my post it notes remind me to cook us something healthy, return library books, order diapers, deliver pictures, and exercise. I figure if we can just get through the daily stuff for awhile we can work on the other stuff later.

And since it's 1 in the morning I better listen to the post it note that tells me to go to bed....


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

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I've never been a huge fan of garage sales. Well until recently. I've now become a bit garage sale obsessed. I've found some really awesome things lately and saved myself lots of money! So I thought I'd start sharing my finds with you. This weekend I hit the mother load of garage sales! I'm usually on the hunt for photo props or stuff for Hulk. I hit the jackpot this weekend.

At one garage sale I found the apple basket, vintage radio flyer trike, and the 10 gallon milk jug for $40! The trike and the milk jug are individually worth at least $40. They will make such great photo props! And then I found Hulk a kid lawn mower for $1. That is the best $1 I've spent in awhile. He loves that thing!

So for $41.00 I made out like a bandit!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

We had a wonderful Easter! We were planning on going to Tulsa to visit family. And then my Dad's aunt died so he and Cricket came to town for her funeral. While that was sad it was a great suprise to get to see them and visit!

Hulk spent time coloring easter eggs with Aunt Phyllis and I. He thought that was pretty neat. Though he did want to eat them all! He also got lots of Easter goodies from Heather and I. And he got to have two easter egg hunts. One at our house that the neighbor kids set up for him. And another with my nieces. This is the first year he has really understood how to dye eggs or hunt eggs so it was a blast.

We also made our annual Easter visit out to mom's place. I love visiting her on Easter. It's always nice to take her new spring decorations. But Easter reminds me that I will see her again fills me with hope and excitement for that day!

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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Thanks to all of you for your kind words, emails, suggestions of blogs and websites to check out and just your support! I appreciate it more than you know. There is so much information out there and I'm wading through it all slowly. What I can tell you for sure is that today was the best day we have had in MONTHS!!!

For the first time in weeks Hulk was able to go with me to Wal-Mart. While this isn't a big deal to lots of people it was huge for him. We went to get flowers and he did amazing. He didn't get overwhelmed and freak out. When I had to tell him no there were no huge fits. He was SUPER! We didn't get a lot of flowers, just a few for the front yard. I'm hoping to get the back yard done in a couple weeks.

Since he did so great I told him he could pick out any type of flower he wanted. He told me he wanted the happy flowers. He pointed them out and it was marigolds. He was so "besided" to get home and get them planted. We put them in the window box that he picked and he was just so happy.

Tonight I asked him how he felt and he told me "so better". I can't imagine what it must be like for him to feel more in control of himself. It's amazing for me to watch so I bet it does feel so much better to him!

I'm so excited to see how school goes for him tomorrow! I hope he has another fabulous day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Confession

So I have a confession to make. I was really busy and that is a big part of why I didn't post for so long. But the main reason was because when I blog it forces me to be honest and real about the things going on in my life. And like most people when things aren't going great I would much rather pull the wool over my eyes and hide from it rather than admit there is a problem. But there was/is a big problem. You see I have an adorable amazing 3 year old boy that is in crisis.

Hulk has been struggling with lots of different things for quite some time. But for about the last 6 months things have been very rough. And for the last 6 weeks things have been downright difficult. I've tried doctors and behavior plans, therapists and prayers, and yet nothing was working. Wednesday night I found myself laying on my couch sobbing and seriously wondering if we could continue on like this. So I finally admitted it. To my sister, to my best friend, to myself. Something had to change immediately!

So Thursday and Friday was spent in much discussion with Hulk's therapist and doctor. And I finally allowed myself to really hear what they were saying and I'm allowing myself to accept the truth. My precious boy has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I stood in the doctors office with him and my Darbis and bawled as it sunk in. FAS isn't fixable and it is something I never wanted him to have! But he does and he will and luckily we are getting help. Admitting the problem is half the battle right????

So I let myself feel sorry for him and I yesterday. And this morning we started on a new positive plan. He began medication today to help with his impulsivity and constant movement. I'm still a little nervous about that but we actually ate dinner tonight and when we got done he said "wow mama no wiggles". I cried happy tears and he declared himself awesome. He is awesome! And we are going to to be awesome together.

That's the truth of it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paint Sample Mosaic

I really needed a piece of art for Hulks bedroom and for my living room. And I really needed to not spend much money! I'm a girl on a major decorating budget. So I decided to try a little project I saw in one of my crafty magazines awhile back. Paint sample mosaics.

First I hit my local lumber store and had a piece of 1/2 inch plywood cut into 20x20 sections. Then I hit the paint store and grabbed some fun paint samples. I've found that Dutch Boy paint samples are the best because they are already cut to the perfect size! Score!!! You will need a lot of samples!

Then I used brown paint that I already had on hand to paint the sides of the boards. Since Hulk must "help" with all projects he painted some too. You don't have to paint the whole board or let your 3 year old paint randomly but it does make the project more fun.


Once that dried I arranged the squares of paint samples in the pattern I wanted on the board. Then I stacked them all up in order and took the board back outside. I use 3M adhesive spray and attached the samples with it. I would spray a line, stick the samples on and then spray another line, etc. I let it dry overnight and made sure all the pieces were really stuck to the board.


Next I used my Mod Podge and applied three coats on top of the samples. I used a Satin Mod Podge because I wanted a little shine but you could use Matte. Let each coat dry before applying the next. I then let that dry over night.

The next day I applied several coats of dark cherry stain. I would brush the stain on with a paint brush let it sit about 10 minutes and then wipe most of it off with a rag. Let it dry, and repeat. There are three coats of stain total. Again let it dry overnight.


Once it was completely dry I called my step dad over and he hung it for me in the living room. I love it! I actually didn't end up liking the one I made for Hulk at all. So I'm in the process of redoing his now. I've also made a couple for some other folks now too. They are fun to make and very simple. It's just a time consuming process. Lots of waiting around for things to dry.

If you end up trying it let me know. I'd love to see how it turns out!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Laugh...

I laugh...

When Hulk tells stories...

When I talk to my best friend Darbis...

When my sister and I do things with Hulk that we did as kids...

When I see people fall down...

Everytime I watch an episode of Friends...

At myself...

At stupid jokes...


Not enough...

At least everyday...

What makes you laugh?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

He Turned Three!

While I was on my 50 day leave from blogging the Hulk man turned 3! I can't believe I'm now the mother of a three year old. 3 seems old to me somehow. It's an odd age really. He isn't a baby but he isn't a big boy either. Though he does love to say "I'm a big man". But 3 is where we are now and it's an all right place to be.

He of course got some wonderful gifts and had a great time with our friends/family for his birthday. On his actually birthday our neighbors decorated the house with balloons and signs for his special day. They are so good to us!

While it was a wonderful celebration I still can't help but wonder where in the world my baby went????

Thursday, April 7, 2011

50 Days

For goodness sake it has been 50 days since I've posted! That's crazy. I have so much to tell you. Well I have 50 things to tell you actually. 50 things that I should have probably posted about but well I haven't.

  1. Hulk turned 3!

  2. Hulk had a very awesome birthday!

  3. He got some fun toys and clothes and a very cool bike from Papa and Granny.

  4. Hulk still can't peddle his bike but thinks it is very fun to have me and the neighbor kids push him around on his cool bike.

  5. I went to a conference in Huntsville Alabama for 5 days and left the man with my good friend Beth and her family.

  6. I learned a lot but got very homesick.

  7. 5 days is a long time to be away from your sidekick kidlet.

  8. He had a fabulous time though.

  9. While in Huntsville I went to the space and rocket museum.

  10. It was pretty cool and I took some pictures of it.

  11. I also took pictures of Hulk's b-day party.

  12. I still haven't even downloaded the pictures.

  13. I'm overwhelmed with things to do and not enough time.

  14. The weather got nice and we spend all of the evening outside now.

  15. This is great for burning off all the energy Hulk has.

  16. This does not allow me to get things done inside.

  17. The house looks a bit like a pit.

  18. I'm praying for rain this weekend so I can actually stay indoors and get the house cleaned up.

  19. I still haven't completely unpacked from going to Huntsville.

  20. I have been home from Huntsville for a week!

  21. I've been busy taking pictures for other people.

  22. I've edited those pics just not my own.

  23. I have Easter mini sessions this weekend.

  24. Hulk wants a bunny desperately or a dog.

  25. He reminds me often that we need a dog.

  26. His teachers and therapist recommend a dog.

  27. I'm not sure that I have the energy to keep up with a dog.

  28. But I wouldn't mind having a dog either...

  29. I made a really cool paint sample mosaic for my wall.

  30. I took step by step pictures to share on the blog.

  31. Yeah I haven't gotten those edited yet either.

  32. I planted grass seed tonight in what used to be a flower bed.

  33. I'm trying to simplify and turning a couple flower beds into grassy areas seemed like a good plan.

  34. The dang grass better grow.

  35. My house flooded again. It's the great flood of 2011!

  36. My hot water heater broke and dumped gallons of hot water into the house while I was at work.

  37. The same flood restoration crew that worked my flood of 2010 showed up to save the day this year.

  38. I'm gonna get new carpet this time around.

  39. I am also requesting a new medication for anxiety. :-)

  40. You may think I'm joking but I'm not. I seriously want some happy pill that would remove all the anxiety provoking events from my life.

  41. Hulk dumped an entire bottle of bath fizz tablets into the toilet. You are only supposed to put 2 in a bath tub. He put 98 in the toilet. That was a freaky fizzing colorful volcanic explosion.

  42. Hulk can no longer have bath fizz tablets.

  43. Hulk hates his bedroom.

  44. I finally got it all decorated and adorable and he hates it.

  45. He will sleep anywhere but in his room.

  46. He slept in a box in the living room one night.

  47. The next he slept in the hallway.

  48. Tonight he is sleeping on my bedroom floor. I don't understand it!

  49. I am promising myself again that I won't go this long without blogging.

  50. Don't hold your breath though. I seem to not be a very good blogger anymore....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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Why is this adorable boy smiling... Because the sun is shining of course! Well since it's night it isn't shining now but earlier it was and he was all smiles! We got to play outside without jackets this evening! Last week we had a foot of snow and today we played outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Go figure. Good old Kansas.
Almost all the snow is gone! Hopefully we are done with snow for the year. I'm really over it! Hulk and I are much happier when we can be outside without being cold. In fact as I was putting Hulk to bed tonight and saying prayers he thanked God for sunshine and recess!
Some other wise words from Hulk...
"Mama do not drink this water in the bath tub. I fink there is pee in it!"
"Here hold this baby doll. No with two hands mama. Pay attention."
"I fink you should hug on me now."
"Mama I show you how to do it. Wisten to me, are you wistening?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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We sure hope your day is full of love and laughter!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinosaur Lover

Since the kidlet thought his dinosaurs needed to have their pictures taken I thought he might let me take a few pictures of him with them. He wasn't too excited about that. But he is always excited about those dinosaurs! I think you could take everything away from that child and as long as he had his dinosaurs he would be content. They really are his most prized possession! Maybe he will grow up to be a scientist. Mama's can dream right!




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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Little Photographer

Hulk got ahold of my camera the other day. When I caught him laying on the floor with it I asked him what in the heck he was doing. He said his dinosaurs were smiling. He got in trouble but after he went to bed I took a look and he was actually taking pictures. In fact he got some really good pictures of his dinosaurs. I cropped one of the pictures below but other wise they are right out of the camera with no edits.



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The Miracle Cure

I have probably tried 20 different types of lotion, cream, ointment, etc for Hulk's skin. And NOTHING has worked. I put lotion on him about 5 times a day and his skin is still dry, cracking, and hurting him. Winter is hard on my boy! I don't even want to think about how much money I have spent trying different things. But I found the solution!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment!!!!

Seriously this stuff is like a little bit of heaven. Now every night I put this stuff all over Hulk's body and then put his snug pj's on. I even put some on his face and ears. It is greasy and thick but if I do it right before bed it's no big deal. I did it the first night and the next morning he woke up feeling and looking a ton better. By morning two his skin was soft and brown again. No redness, no dry spots, no itching and most of all no hurting!!! Midday he still needs some lotion but nothing like it used to be. I have even used this a few times on my own hands before bed time and it makes them super soft in the morning.

LOVE IT! I'm buying it by the case. Try it and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Fun

These snow pictures are actually from the snow day we had last week! Caden and I convinced Hulk to go outside and play. He didn't like it much. I couldn't even bribe him to go out in it today. He has never been scared of anything before but he is TERRIFIED of snow! I think it is because some of the drifts in our backyard are taller than he is. Anytime I go outside he starts crying and carrying on. It's really weird. So I'm not anticipating him playing in the 14 inches of snow we got yesterday.


He does however love to watch the truck come to move the snow out of the driveway. He and Caden were so impressed by this and got so darn excited. It was hilarious watching them. When the truck came again today he watched the whole time and clapped and waved and declared when he gets big he is doing that. Maybe by then he won't be so scared of snow....


Next week it's supposed to be 57. I'm ready for it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The View From Here







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