Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun # 18

We are having a blast with our to do list of fun! This was one of the best things I've ever done for us! Tonight we enjoyed item number 18 and headed to C of E park! We took Hulks trike so he could ride it. This park has a great walking path that was super for his trike.

However, he quickly found the flowers and the bugs on the sidewalk and the pond and ditched his bike for exploration. I was all good with that! The walking path is a half mile so he ended up getting a mile walk out of the deal. Probably more because he was running all over. Made for a happy and tired boy when we were done.

This kid loves sticks! And he loves water! Throwing sticks into the water was like a little bit of heaven for him! Who knew???? While this park has the perks of good walking/bike riding and the pond there is no playground equipment. So this park lost a few points for that. It won't win the grand prize of best park in town in Hulk's opinion. But it for sure ranks high on the list. Very well maintained!

Now a great time was had at the park until it was time to leave. I was loading his trike into the car and didn't realize he had walked up right beside me. So when I picked up the trike I accidentally whacked him in the head! He immediately told me "I can't wike that!" as the goose egg began to form on his head! When he got out of his bath tonight he asked for an icepack and reminded me that "you not supposa do dat mama." Poor kid!

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