Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You Intuniv

Making the decision to medicate my toddler was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. It went against every parenting belief I held. But we had run out of options. I was desperate, Hulk was desperate. We were at a point where we couldn't keep moving on like we were. So medication it was.


I handed my 3 1/2 year old a little pill called Intuniv. Watched him swallow it and cheered for him being such a big boy. And I said a prayer that it would help him and not hurt him! And help him it has!!! The first few weeks he was pretty sleepy. It took him awhile to adjust to it. But now that he has adjusted it is amazing. Intuniv has given me my son back!


These pictures are proof that it has given us our lives back. These pictures are of a silly little boy munching on some crackers at the grocery store. Not a big deal to most people but HUGE for Hulk. He hadn't been able to go in public to a store or a restaurant in months! He would totally freak out and melt down. Now he can go and it's no big deal. I told him when we got done shopping this day how proud I was of him and he said "I proud of me too." He has also told me that his head isn't at loud and he isn't as wiggly. He can notice the change too.
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Can Intuniv fix it all. Absolutly not! We still work very hard on learning ways to cope and self regulate. We still have behavior modification plans in place. Hulk and I are always learning and trying new things to help him be successful. But Intuniv has given him the chance to calm down enough that he can process and learn those other skills.

I'm not getting paid by Intuniv. I just know when I was considering meds I searched blog after blog and website after website looking for info. If this can help some other desperate parent I hope they find it.

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Julie said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad to hear the plan is working. He looks so happy in the photos. And the tone of your post is so optimistic and light. I just love it!!! So glad to hear things are looking up for the two of you!