Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes indeed I'm painting this dang house yet again! The remodel is in full swing and almost done! That is a miracle. So I've gotten Hulk's old room repainted a pretty Thistle color for Heather. The painters actually painted his room for me and it looks wonderful. His new room is blue with one red wall. Then the accents are red and green and silver. Heather found new bedding for him that is adorable and airplanes to hang from the ceiling! I'm so excited to see it done.

Once the contractors are done in there then the new carpet will be laid and then we will be DONE! I can't wait. This has seriously drug on for so long. I'm ready to have my room and my bed back to myself. Neither one of us sleeps so good and we both need some space. It will be so nice to have separate rooms again. I'm hoping everything will be done in the next week. Let's all cross our fingers and toes and say a little prayer!

The focus for me for the next week is getting the hallway and living room painted. Then after little man and all his things are out of my room I'm going to paint in there. Heather also found some awesome new bedding for me and new decorations for my room. It will be nice to have a fresh new room to call my own. No toys will be allowed! And I think I'm going to post a sign that says you can't enter unless you are 18 or older. Yes I'm a mean mommy but I want my space back. The kid has the whole house. I just want my bedroom and bathroom to be toddler free. I don't think that is unrealistic.... Okay maybe a little unrealistic but seriously I am DONE sharing my room!

So that's the scoop around here. Fun times in paint land.

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