Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm all for saving a buck or two. In fact I'm getting pretty creative in my frugality. And I like that. It's a quality I actually admire in people. Show me how to save some money and you can become my best friend. (Actually that's not true, I love my Darbis to much to get a new best friend). So show me a way to save some money and you can be a good friend! That's better.

So while I love saving money there are some areas I draw the line at. There are some situations that I'm just willing to spend a little more money. One of those situations would be my method of transportation. I gave up the big SUV long ago for something more practical. But today I saw a man driving a golf cart down one of the busier streets in our town. In the golf cart were his two children. Granted he had them in car seats but it just bothered me. I know this man and know that he is doing this to save money but really your children in a golf cart on a busy street just doesn't seem worth it. So I won't be hauling the kidlet around in a golf cart anytime soon.

I also won't be buying generic toilet paper or generic dishwasher tablets. And I for sure won't be buying my underwear at a garage sale. Those are a few of the other things I just can't do. I'll spend a little extra for soft toilet paper, good dishwasher soap, and panties no one else has worn. Call me crazy but a girl has to splurge every now and then.

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