Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That Boy

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My baby is turning into such a big boy! I'm not sure how time moves so quickly but it does. I think of how long I waited for him and how time seemed to drag on and on. Now it flies by and in the blink of an eye the little baby that I used to rock to sleep will now say clearly "Rock a baby" when he wants me to snuggle him. Oh how they change!

Making the change from daycare to a preschool type setting was a great decision. His speech has improved so so much! He is saying words clearer and is doing better with forming 3-5 word sentances. He also counts to 10 now which blew my mind! I knew he could count to 3 and then one day he just kept going all the way to 10. Today he went to 14 and then said 8, 9, 10 and clapped for himself. Crazy boy.

I've noticed his motor skills have really improved lately too. He jumps higher and runs faster than he did last month and falls down less often. However, he has managed to somehow get that big wound on the front of his head. Seriously he did that in his sleep! I think he must have rubbed it on his blanket or the headboard or something. And now he has a small spot on the back of the head that he cracked open when he attempted to fly off a bookshelf. So while he physically can do more he obviously hasn't gotten any smarter about safety. :-)

Of course we still have the temper tantrums, saying no and mine and why, throwing of food, and arguments over why we don't hit our mom with sticks. All the things that seem to go with being a 2 year old. But overall that boy is pretty darn sweet and loving and funny! Lord he makes me laugh. I'm a pretty lucky mama!

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