Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Was She Thinking

The news has been filled with stories lately that leave me asking myself... "What Were They Thinking????" Case in point --- acid girl. Yes I know this isn't a nice name for her but it's fitting. Acid girl claimed a couple weeks ago that a black girl with slicked back hair threw some acid in her face. That's not nice! Throwing acid at someone is just darn mean if you ask me. When I first read the story I felt so bad for her. Seriously she is hearing impaired and also has been attacked by an acid thrower. How much worse can it get? Poor girl!
Yeah I don't feel so bad for her now. It seems that instead of a black girl with slicked back hair the cops should have been looking for a crazy hearing impaired girl that threw acid on her own face! Seriously who throws acid on their own face. That's worse than throwing acid on a strangers face in my opinion. I'm not a fan of acid throwing at all but really throwing acid on your own face!
What in the world was she thinking? How do you wake up one morning and just decide to throw some acid on your face? Is there a discussion that goes on in your brain? Something like "Well I could go to the pool today." "No I better not go swim today, this is throw acid on my face day." Or is it something along the lines of "I have some really bad skin." "I should get one of those skin peels so I have that fresh new skin glow." "I can't really afford that so I'll just pick up some acid and throw it on my own face!" Who throws acid on their damn face???

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