Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Things I Say


"Oh a big clock! Can you say clock with an L in it?"

"Please don't put sticks in the air conditioner".

"Because it could cut your hand off."

"Because it's sharp and it will hurt you."

"No that's not AWESOME!" "Get away from the damn air conditioner now!"

"Why is my comb in the toilet?"

"No it can't swim so don't do that again."

"Why are the dinosaurs like that?"

"Well that's very nice of them to hug."

"Sure wish I got hugs like that."

"That is great drawing buddy but let's not do it on the wall. Only draw on paper."

"Why are you licking the couch?"

"Oh because you spilled your milk there." "Please don't do that again and stop licking the couch you look like a dog."

"Well if you really are a dog can I put you in a cage?"

"I shouldn't' have said that. You can put kids in cages. "

"No your not getting a cage."

"Forget it just lick the dang couch if you want."

1 comment:

Missy said...

haha I want to hear the clock conversation in person, I may die laughing!