Monday, September 6, 2010

A Hairy Lesson

Friday night I cut my bangs. Hulk saw me do this and asked if he could do it. I immediately explained to him that Mama shouldn't cut her own hair, no one should cut hair unless it is there job. And I told him he should never ever cut his hair. Well he didn't! He cut mine!

Early Saturday morning around 5:00 I heard a little voice say uh oh mama. Hair has ouchies! I was barely awake and reached out for him and he said it again. Hair ouchies as he handed me the scissors. I flipped on the light and turned around and my bed was full of hair! He had cut my hair right below the rubber band holding my ponytail in place. Five inches of hair! He also cut a small section pretty short on the side.

Once it sunk in I was thrilled that he just cut my hair! He climbed onto the bathroom cabinet and had to open the vanity and get the scissors out then jumped down and got into my bed with the scissors and managed to only cut my hair and not stab himself or I! That's a miracle in my book.

So after a trip to an amazing hair stylist I have a fun new short do. I would never have cut my hair short on my own but I really like it. So my little stylist did a good job after all. Regardless of how well it all turned out the scissors are now very hidden and we have had several more discussions about how we never ever ever cut our hair or anyone elses.

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jodilee0123 said...

When the doctor asked if my kids knew how to use a scissors--I told her that they probably don't even know what one is--they are all hidden away, for this very reason! Thanks for affirming that my decision is a good one! :0) I'm glad he only got your hair!

Holley said...

Hilarious! and the haircut looks great! and I'm with you - thank God no real harm done! :)

Birdie said...

Oh my! What a great attitude you have!! I think I would have cried! haha But really, your hair looks great!