Thursday, October 21, 2010


The boy is really into "adbentures" right now. Every evening after dinner he asks me "adbentures now mama?" And how can a mama say no to an adventure!?!


So he usually grabs a toy of some kind and I grab my camera and out we go adbenture hunting. We have a favorite place in the woods we like to go. There is a little creek and a couple bridges and lots and lots of trees. So the rule is as soon as we cross the bridge into the trees he is the boss. When we cross back over the bridge I'm the boss again. He thinks this is really cool!

So during the adventure we hunt for bugs and sticks and leaves and sometimes monsters or sunbeams or birds. And he tells me when to march or run real fast or give him a hug. And I willingly participate in the adventure game. And for 30 minutes each day that 2 year old feels like he is king of the world. He is on the hunt for something really "awesome mama" and he gets to call the shots.

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And then as the sun begins to set we cross back over the bridge to the real world. Mama is once again the boss and the adventure game is over. And by that time my boy is usually pretty sleepy and worn out. So it never fails I end up scooping him up and hauling him halfway home.

I can't imagine any better adventure!


Theresa said...

I love this story. You're a good mama!!

Phil said...

Ha! No wonder you are jealous of Jennifer!

Andrea said...

How sweet! You are such a great mom! I can't wait for Lyla to be that age to do different activities like that. Ok, maybe I can't wait because I don't want her to get big, but it sure looks like you guys have fun!

Janis said...

You're such a good mommy! Sounds like super fun!!!