Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Two

Wow I'm gonna get this second post in right under the wire. Today I'm supposed to tell you the meaning behind my blog title. My first blog was Hunna's Happenings. Hunna is one of my nicknames so it seemed fitting. But I let that blog go and started this one right around the time I was starting the adoption process. I felt like after losing my mom and beginning to become a mom myself I was a different person than the one that first started blogging. So I created a new blog, this one, with a new name.

Picture Of My World just seemed fitting to me. I take tons of pictures and love to post them. Plus a blog is really a glimpse into someone's world. So in combing those ideas I picked the title Picture Of My World. I like it for now. We will see what the next blog brings though....

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