Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day One

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Since I have been horrible about blogging lately I decided that I would join a 30 day blog challenge to get myself motivated. So for the next 30 days I will be posting on a variety of things in connection with the challenge.
Day One means I get to post a recent picture and tell you 15 random things about me. Good times! The picture above is my most recent pic. It was taken about 3 weeks ago at the pumpkin patch. We took the kidlet and he loved the apples and the cart rides. It was a good day.
15 Random things...
  1. I can't stand it when people say cheese for the camera. Drives me nuts!!!
  2. My greatest fear is that I'll forget to drop the kidlet of at daycare and leave him in the car. So I check the back seat over and over on my whole drive to work.
  3. Today I bought a pair of jeans that are a size 16. I almost cried! I haven't been this size in years.
  4. I realized the other day that I go weeks sometime with no hugs other than from the kiddo and that bothers me.
  5. I want to go skydiving soon.
  6. I like rap music.
  7. I have a slight crush on a much older guy but would never do anything about it because he is done having kids.
  8. I'm ready to have another child but my checking account isn't.
  9. I buy regular Cheerios for myself and the off brand for the kid. I hide mine so he doesn't eat them. Not nice but I really really love my Cheerios.
  10. I want to get my nose pierced.
  11. I eat lunch every Friday with my best friend.
  12. I don't like to go to bed but I really like to sleep. Odd!
  13. I mispronounce the word poem.
  14. I can't sing at all!
  15. I'm scared of horses.

That's it for today... I'll be back for day two!

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Missy said...

I am doing this as well! I was hoping all was well with you because you had not blogged in so long! Glad you did!