Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mr. Mom

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Hulk has suddenly turned into Mr. Mom. He is always asking me to play babies or mom with him. It cracks me up. He tells me you lay down and go waa waa and be the baby. I'm the mama. Poor kid doesn't have a clue he would be the dad. Someday he will get it figured out.

While I can pretend to be a baby remarkably well I don't fit into the baby stroller. Shocking I know! The stroller was left over from Amara's stay and Hulk has latched on to it and LOVES it! So he will load Buddy up and stroll him all over the house. He usually starts out very gentle but then things progress from Mr. Mom to Mr. Maniac! The day these pictures were taken he took the stroller in the kitchen and was swinging it around and around as fast as he could. I explained to him that Buddy probably wouldn't like having the wheels off the ground, that it might scare or hurt him.

This seemed to get Hulk's attention because he stopped right away and looked at me so seriously and said. "No mama Buddy wikes it a lot. See Buddy's smiling. Take a picture of smile mama." And with that I did.

Let's all say a little prayer that Buddy can keep on smiling....

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Birdie said...

Too funny!!! It's so funny seeing that "tough" little boy with the pink stroller and then reading about him turning into Mr. Maniac! haha I love it!