Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Max

Sweet Max passed away on Thursday. My heart breaks for Kelci and Kevin. I will never understand why some parents must experience the pain of losing a child. Heartbreaking! If you would like to visit Kelci's blog it can be found at .

This has been a month filled with difficulty for so many people I care about. In the midst of Maxton's struggle a community just a few miles from me was devastated by a tornado. The small town is pretty much destroyed. To see a community in bits and pieces is overwhelming. I've donated supplies and offered to help where I can but wish I could do more. How overwhelmed they all must be.

These things just remind me how powerless we really are. It's amazing how we make plans for the future and stress about the present. When in just a moment it can literally blow away in the wind. It is a great reminder to stay in the moment and enjoy the positive things in life. Who knows when it will change...