Thursday, December 18, 2008

Art Adventure

Today we were supposed to go to the botanical gardens. It was supposed to be a lovely warm day perfect for botanical garden visiting. However, that didn't pan out. It seems that the weather man didn't listen to this gal's directions because we woke up to lots of fog and then a downpour! YUCK!!! It didn't sound like fun to take a 9 month old in a stroller to the botanical gardens in the rain. So we went with plan B. The art museum....

So Dad and I loaded up The Hulk and headed for the museum. I was a little nervous about taking a 9 month old to the museum but he did great! There was some really neat pieces of art there. There were several really beautiful pieces of blown glass. One that hung from the ceiling and had 150 seperate pieces of glass all tied together. It was amazing! I wish I could learn how to do that! They also had a very impressive photography display by Texas A&M students who did a study abroad trip in Italy. Some really great photos from their trip.

The museum is right along the bay so there were some great views of the water. I got some pictures of The Hulk and I together. That never happens but my dad is good with my camera so he snapped a few for me. I can't wait to get home and get my pictures up to show you. There was also several really impressive water gardens on the museum grounds. The Hulk loved those. He is just mesmerized by water right now. The sound the way it moves the way it feels. He just loves it!

Tommorow Heather is flying in! Thank goodness! We have missed her! So after we pick her up we are heading to the beach. You know it's going to be a beautiful beach trip kind of day. I told the weather man he better not screw it up two days in a row!

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