Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Oh thank goodness we made it home! What a day! Our first flight was delayed which left Heather and I running through the airport in Dallas pushing the stroller and dragging our bags like fools to catch our next flight. We just made it! As soon as we got on board they started to taxi. Poor The Hulk wondered what in the heck we were doing. I don't think he has ever experience such a whirlwind of a stroller ride. Unfortately his stroller got left in Dallas. It seems it was forgotten and they flight crew never put it below the plane. Oh well! We were just thrilled that we made our flight and all of our luggage made it home too!

We had a really great vacation but we are so glad to be home. Well kinda glad. The Hulk was excited to see his toys and play and eat and look all around. But he wasn't digging bed time. I think he was a little unsure of sleeping alone again in his own bed. We have been sharing a room so we may have a few days of adjustment ahead of us.

Now I'm left to unpack and sort and straighten up. I also have a Christmas tree to decorate and gifts to wrap. I also have a ton of photos to edit but I haven't had time yet. So here are just a few. I promise I'll post more later.

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