Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Number One

We had our first Christmas celebration of the year today. My step sister Venus, her husband Brian and kids Dalton and Morghan came to my Dad and Cricket's place late last night. Today we all hung out together, opened presents and had a wonderful meal! Very fun day!

The Hulk had never done the present thing before and he did great. He pulled a little of the paper off but he loves the bows and ribbons! That kid got some great gifts from his Pop and Granny but most of all he loved the bows and bags and paper. Typical little kid right. He just rolled around in the paper while the rest of us opened and was a great little guy.

I got some of my favorite perfume, Armani Mania, a new battery for my camera and the willow tree Christmas ornament for this year. Very nice! I really needed that extra battery. And I have heard a horrible rumor that they aren't going to be making the Mania perfume any more so I really needed an extra bottle of that. I'm half tempted to buy up a case of it so I never run out. I love that perfume.

So now the kids are in bed and us adults aren't far behind. We have a big day of fun planned for tomorrow and we all are beat!

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