Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've got a little adult ADD going on today. I have about a million and one thoughts in my head and can't seem to get any one thing sorted out. So frustrating! I even made a to do list and can't seem to stay focused at all. Since I love to share I'll just share some of the randomness going through my head right now.

I need to get Hulk's hair cut. I have a coupon that is only good till the 6th and I must use it. However I have a million other things to do before the 6th so that might not happen.

I wish I didn't have to get his hair cut. Maybe I could let it grow again and braid it.

I've tried growing it. I never get passed the annoyed stage. Just cut it while you have the coupon....

While I'm out that way I've got to get some different lotion for his face. His face looks like someone sandpapered it. This weather is killer for his skin.

That makes me think of what my sister says "He's a tropical people." He needs some humidity and sunshine. Maybe I should send him to Corpus to visit Granny and Papa for a week. His skin would clear up then.

That reminds me I need to get their Valentine package sent. Where is a box...

Oh crap I forgot to order Hulk's valentine's. I've got to do that!

And it goes on and on and on!

Is your head as full of crap as mine is? I wish I had a pause button...


Missy said...

My head never turns off...I have started making lists so that I can feel a tiny bit accomplished when I get to cross something off it.

Also, if I don't, I forget many things! I went to Target today with no list and did good, got all but 1 thing, but what I didn't get, was the thing I originally went for!

And at bedtime, if I try and go to sleep without the TV head just goes,and goes and goes...and refuses to turn off. I put the TV on so that I have something else to think about...much better for me that way!

Good luck getting it all done!

Helene said...

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