Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Fun

These snow pictures are actually from the snow day we had last week! Caden and I convinced Hulk to go outside and play. He didn't like it much. I couldn't even bribe him to go out in it today. He has never been scared of anything before but he is TERRIFIED of snow! I think it is because some of the drifts in our backyard are taller than he is. Anytime I go outside he starts crying and carrying on. It's really weird. So I'm not anticipating him playing in the 14 inches of snow we got yesterday.


He does however love to watch the truck come to move the snow out of the driveway. He and Caden were so impressed by this and got so darn excited. It was hilarious watching them. When the truck came again today he watched the whole time and clapped and waved and declared when he gets big he is doing that. Maybe by then he won't be so scared of snow....


Next week it's supposed to be 57. I'm ready for it!

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