Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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Why is this adorable boy smiling... Because the sun is shining of course! Well since it's night it isn't shining now but earlier it was and he was all smiles! We got to play outside without jackets this evening! Last week we had a foot of snow and today we played outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Go figure. Good old Kansas.
Almost all the snow is gone! Hopefully we are done with snow for the year. I'm really over it! Hulk and I are much happier when we can be outside without being cold. In fact as I was putting Hulk to bed tonight and saying prayers he thanked God for sunshine and recess!
Some other wise words from Hulk...
"Mama do not drink this water in the bath tub. I fink there is pee in it!"
"Here hold this baby doll. No with two hands mama. Pay attention."
"I fink you should hug on me now."
"Mama I show you how to do it. Wisten to me, are you wistening?