Sunday, April 17, 2011


Thanks to all of you for your kind words, emails, suggestions of blogs and websites to check out and just your support! I appreciate it more than you know. There is so much information out there and I'm wading through it all slowly. What I can tell you for sure is that today was the best day we have had in MONTHS!!!

For the first time in weeks Hulk was able to go with me to Wal-Mart. While this isn't a big deal to lots of people it was huge for him. We went to get flowers and he did amazing. He didn't get overwhelmed and freak out. When I had to tell him no there were no huge fits. He was SUPER! We didn't get a lot of flowers, just a few for the front yard. I'm hoping to get the back yard done in a couple weeks.

Since he did so great I told him he could pick out any type of flower he wanted. He told me he wanted the happy flowers. He pointed them out and it was marigolds. He was so "besided" to get home and get them planted. We put them in the window box that he picked and he was just so happy.

Tonight I asked him how he felt and he told me "so better". I can't imagine what it must be like for him to feel more in control of himself. It's amazing for me to watch so I bet it does feel so much better to him!

I'm so excited to see how school goes for him tomorrow! I hope he has another fabulous day.


jodilee0123 said...

Here's another one. I frequent these blogs for uplifting, support, and blessings. I hope they help you too!
I think today's post was written just for you! hugs!

Julie said...

Oh yayyyy! So glad to hear you guys are making progress. One step at a time!