Thursday, April 7, 2011

50 Days

For goodness sake it has been 50 days since I've posted! That's crazy. I have so much to tell you. Well I have 50 things to tell you actually. 50 things that I should have probably posted about but well I haven't.

  1. Hulk turned 3!

  2. Hulk had a very awesome birthday!

  3. He got some fun toys and clothes and a very cool bike from Papa and Granny.

  4. Hulk still can't peddle his bike but thinks it is very fun to have me and the neighbor kids push him around on his cool bike.

  5. I went to a conference in Huntsville Alabama for 5 days and left the man with my good friend Beth and her family.

  6. I learned a lot but got very homesick.

  7. 5 days is a long time to be away from your sidekick kidlet.

  8. He had a fabulous time though.

  9. While in Huntsville I went to the space and rocket museum.

  10. It was pretty cool and I took some pictures of it.

  11. I also took pictures of Hulk's b-day party.

  12. I still haven't even downloaded the pictures.

  13. I'm overwhelmed with things to do and not enough time.

  14. The weather got nice and we spend all of the evening outside now.

  15. This is great for burning off all the energy Hulk has.

  16. This does not allow me to get things done inside.

  17. The house looks a bit like a pit.

  18. I'm praying for rain this weekend so I can actually stay indoors and get the house cleaned up.

  19. I still haven't completely unpacked from going to Huntsville.

  20. I have been home from Huntsville for a week!

  21. I've been busy taking pictures for other people.

  22. I've edited those pics just not my own.

  23. I have Easter mini sessions this weekend.

  24. Hulk wants a bunny desperately or a dog.

  25. He reminds me often that we need a dog.

  26. His teachers and therapist recommend a dog.

  27. I'm not sure that I have the energy to keep up with a dog.

  28. But I wouldn't mind having a dog either...

  29. I made a really cool paint sample mosaic for my wall.

  30. I took step by step pictures to share on the blog.

  31. Yeah I haven't gotten those edited yet either.

  32. I planted grass seed tonight in what used to be a flower bed.

  33. I'm trying to simplify and turning a couple flower beds into grassy areas seemed like a good plan.

  34. The dang grass better grow.

  35. My house flooded again. It's the great flood of 2011!

  36. My hot water heater broke and dumped gallons of hot water into the house while I was at work.

  37. The same flood restoration crew that worked my flood of 2010 showed up to save the day this year.

  38. I'm gonna get new carpet this time around.

  39. I am also requesting a new medication for anxiety. :-)

  40. You may think I'm joking but I'm not. I seriously want some happy pill that would remove all the anxiety provoking events from my life.

  41. Hulk dumped an entire bottle of bath fizz tablets into the toilet. You are only supposed to put 2 in a bath tub. He put 98 in the toilet. That was a freaky fizzing colorful volcanic explosion.

  42. Hulk can no longer have bath fizz tablets.

  43. Hulk hates his bedroom.

  44. I finally got it all decorated and adorable and he hates it.

  45. He will sleep anywhere but in his room.

  46. He slept in a box in the living room one night.

  47. The next he slept in the hallway.

  48. Tonight he is sleeping on my bedroom floor. I don't understand it!

  49. I am promising myself again that I won't go this long without blogging.

  50. Don't hold your breath though. I seem to not be a very good blogger anymore....


jodilee0123 said...

Sounds like you have been having fun! Here's a link to a webinar that might interest you--especially since I know you have so much free time!

rabidbutterfly said...

I missed you! My kidlets (my dad always called us that, and it cracked us up) are a bit older than your Hulk...but I think I missed you just the same!
I have an 8 year old who is DRIVING ME CRAZY, and a 15 year old who's GOING TO PROM.
ALL the while, I'm trying to lose weight...lost 50 lbs so far..if you have any advice, I'll take it.

Julie said...

Love that you're back, and I love the new design! Hey, anxiety meds are great and really help when you really need them, so don't feel bad. I LOLed at the part where Hulk climbed in the box. That's it. Just wanted to say welcome back!