Friday, July 2, 2010

30 Rocks

Well 30 works for me! I had a wonderful birthday! Darby and I spent the day in the city doing some shopping, some eating, and a lot of laughing! Just what I needed. I can't imagine a more relaxing or fun filled 30th birthday. I'm so lucky to have such good friends and great family. It was a real treat to get so many phone calls, text messages, and cards. I'm blessed!

We were going to head to Tulsa for the holiday weekend but the boy is under the weather. Since he is sick we are going to stick around here. I'm hoping he will perk up some over the weekend so we can still do some fun things. There is a parade on Sunday that I figured we could go to and a fireworks show if he is up to it. While not the weekend I had planned I'm sure we will still have some fun.

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Melba said...

Happy Birthday! You have to change your "20 something" blog blurb now. :) So far, the 30s have been great for me!!