Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Adoption Day

July 10th is adoption day at our house. 30 years ago on July 10th my parents adopted me. And 2 years ago on July 10th Hulk's adoption was finalized. So it is our special family day. I wanted to do something special that day as a way to start our traditions. My mom used to do special things for me on that day and I would like to carry that on.

So I decided that this year I would take Hulk to the bigger city and go to a park there that has a carousel and train for kids to ride and some cool flower gardens. I started planning a couple weeks ago and I was super excited. In my mind it would be a wonderful day. The weather would be nice. We would ride the rides and he would LOVE them. He would laugh lots and maybe glance over at me as the carousel turned round and round and we would have a mother child moment I could remember for a lifetime. In my mind I would also be able to take some beautiful pictures of him in the rock and flower gardens there. Oh the vision I had in my mind!

So Saturday morning we were up and ready to go. Hulk woke up in an amazing mood and was super funny while we were getting ready. I even had some good hair going on. Things were looking great. We hopped in the car for our hour long drive to the bigger city and all seemed well. 20 minutes outside of the city though Hulk fell asleep. And then he woke up when I parked the car. He woke up poorly!

He was somewhat disoriented so I thought well we will walk around the park while he wakes up and look at the flowers etc. Well no sooner were we out of the car and he saw the carousel and wanted to ride. So we rode and he did love it. He loved it so much in fact that he wanted to ride it again right away. I convinced him to try the play ground toys which he did for about two minutes before beelining back to the carousel. So we rode it again. This time he was not loving it as much. He still seemed disoriented and sleepy. When we got off we watched the train go by and I told him we could go ride it. We heading for the parking lot to go to the other side of the park and all hell broke lose.

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He began to throw a fit of epic proportions. I mean it was the grand champion of all fits! I tried to pick him up off the asphalt and he was going so insane I could hardly hold on to him. Kicking, screaming, hitting, more screaming. I got him to the car and tried to put him in his seat and he was fighting me so hard I couldn't get him in the car seat. After ten minutes of trying that I just closed the door and thought he could cry it out. I went to the front and started the car so he would have a/c during the epic disaster and as I got back out security was there. They thought I was KIDNAPPING him! At this point he is banging on the windows, screaming, crying, snot running down his face, ugly cry. I convince security this mess of a child is mine and they leave. I try to talk to him and explain that we can't go ride the train until he gets in his seat. Nothing works. So I decide to wait him out and ignore the fit.

48 minutes later I got him in his seat. Needless to say we did not ride anymore rides or visit the flowers and the only pictures I got were the ones I posted to this post. We went to my Aunts house and then to lunch and he did well. Thank God. But definitely not the day I had planned. They never are right?!? We got home that night and read stories and cuddled and sang row row your boat about 800 times. And that was good enough for me. Epic fit, yes. Good adoption day, yes. I wouldn't trade that fit throwing, embarrassing his mama in public kid for anything.


jodilee0123 said...

Very cute story! It will be awesome to share with him and his children someday! :0) AND, I do know about those epic fits. . . . blissful--for sure! :0)

Melba said...

He is such a handsome little guy! Happy adoption day to you both!