Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hospital Visit

Because I didn't have anything better to do this week (like work, or take care of my kid, or organize my recently completely remodeled home) I decided to take a little detour from all the regularly scheduled programing and stop off at our local hospital for a stay.

I woke up Tuesday night in a lot of pain. My back (kidneys) were killing me and I was pretty sick. By 7 Wednesday morning I was hurting so bad I could hardly stand it but more concerning was my blood sugar levels. When I checked them at 7 I was at 417 when I should be right around 90-120. Not good. I was pretty concerned by that point and was afraid if it got much higher I wouldn't be able to function enough to get myself to the doctor. So I took the kid to daycare and went right to the ER. By the time I got there my blood sugar was in the 470's.

So they started me on insulin and an iv antibiotic for my kidney infection. They also gave me some Demerol for the pain. Moments after getting the pain meds my arm started itching. I told Darby who was with me and she said sometimes it will do that as it's going in the iv. The next time I looked down my arm looked like I had about 30 bee stings. Hives were everywhere and HUGE!

While the itching was bothersome I was honestly so out of it I wasn't that concerned. But Darby used her authoritative voice and started scurrying around to get benedryl and asking if I was having trouble breathing. I love having a nurse for a best buddy! So then I got a huge shot of benedryl and slept for half the day. I woke up feeling better and without hives so it all worked out.

I got a bunch of insulin and some crappy hospital food. Some antibiotics and more pain meds. I got to watch cable tv and realized I'm not missing much by not having it at home. I took lots of naps and Darby and Chris kept my child overnight with all of their children and then I came home. My blood sugar is normal now which is a WONDERFUL feeling. I'm still not quite back to myself but I can handle a kidney infection okay. The whole blood sugar high and low and all over the place kicks my butt. It's just exhausting. So I've been sleeping a lot.

I get to take a fun filled class all about insulin. That's exciting. But I've never had a prescription for insulin before. So the only way you can get one is to take the class. So I'm complying. I won't have to take it everyday. It's just a precaution really so if my blood sugar gets that high again I can do something myself to help get it down. When diabetics get sick their blood sugar can shoot up like that so it will be nice to know I can help myself quickly from now on. The way I felt yesterday morning was horrible and scary when your home alone with a kid. Hopefully this will ensure I don't have that experience again!

So that's what I know....


Andrea said...

Awww... how scary! Glad you are feeling better!

Melba said...

UGH. So scary...but I'm VERY glad you are OK. Hubby has diabetes too so I know how high that is, and how scary it must have been. Yuck about the kidney infection, any idea why you got one in the first place??

Good luck with the insulin. It'll be good to have it on hand, just in case.


Lisa said...

So sorry about your health issues. Diabetes is so dangerous and unpredictable at times. I wanna thank you for your cute comment about getting more followers from that MWOP! That cracked me up! I think you were being sincere, not poking fun of me, etc, and I am not meaning to assume your stance on the post/argument at hand, lol, but seriously, can you believe how adults act sometimes? Me included. I always SWORE I would never post a rant, etc, like I just did to that woman. I guess everyone makes mistakes. She just caught me on a bad day, I suppose. It just hurt my feelings so bad because she was so far off the mark. I love my nephew and family to pieces, and want only what is best for them. Someone would basically have to read my blog for quite a while to 'get' my weird sense of humor and sarcasm, so I often come across as not making much sense to someone who isn't familiar with how I do our blog. Thanks for throwing in your comment, I love hearing from people! No matter what they have to say, but she really sent me over the edge when she couldn't believe some one called him beautiful! LOL That made for one mad auntie! Didn't mean to write you a book, I guess I just kinda feel like I have to go explain to everyone that I am in fact NOT crazy! Yes, a bit obsessive, I fully admit, lol, but my family loves me anyway! Hope you are having a great night, and thanks again for stopping by. I plan on deleting all this nonsense very soon. I hate drama!

Holley said...

Poor baby! What a scary ordeal! My hubby is on metformin and januvia, and he has started to get UTI's kinda often...he's decided to get serious about losing a few pounds, which should help, but the doc has said most likely he will end up on insulin at some point. I'm hoping medical science makes some breakthroughs on this before that happens! It's a tough disease. Please slow down a bit (I know, you have a young child, full time job and an almost full time side job..) but your health comes first. Hulk needs you around for many, many years! Hugs!