Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Favorite Things (Kid Edition)

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My boy likes a lot of different things. But the older he gets the more obvious his favorite things become. He is now able to voice his opinions and is very clear on his love of the following things.

  1. The red blanket you see in the picture above. This blanket was actually given to me by my Aunt Adair. It is a super soft corduroy material. It seriously is so soft and warm and wonderful. And I never get to use it anymore. The boy has snagged it as his own and hauls it with him to bed each night. During the day he usually brings it out to snuggle with it or cover up with it.
  2. Dried cranberries. That's what he has in his bowl in the above picture. He would eat them all day if I let him.
  3. Dinosaurs! He loves dinosaur toys and books and puzzles and all things dinosaurs. He likes to pretend his is a dinosaur and roar at you. Dinosaurs are a huge hit! There are usually a couple dinosaurs in his bed with him each night.
  4. Animal toys. He loves the little people animals. He calls them his "manimals". He will feed them all toy hay and then kiss them all.
  5. Music! We pretty much have music on as long as we are awake. The child will dance everywhere and knows the words to lots of songs. Since we listen to our music on Pandora he often goes to the computer and asks for Sylas Songs if I don't have the music playing.
So those are the kid favorites around here. Do your kids really love anything?


Melba said...

C's big thing at the moment is books but it's interesting to me that (while he will usually listen to them,) he doesn't love just any book. He is discerning about the ones that he likes best. I think it's great and I hope I can continue to foster his natural interest as he grows! :)


pam said...

Loved your "how to have octuplets" article. I couldn't post directly on there, so here I am. You are funny, although it's sad that it's all based on the reality that is the nutjob otherwise know as Nadya Suleman. You however are the kind of mother we'd all love to have. Enjoy your son!