Monday, July 19, 2010

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I was a vegetarian except on Fridays. I didn't eat meat or dairy except on Fridays. And I ate lots of veggies and fruit and rice and beans. And my blood sugar got a little bit high. And then I got a kidney infection and my blood sugar got really really high. And the dietician says I can't be a vegetarian anymore. Not even just 6 days a week. I have to eat the meat my friends.

So since last Thursday I'm no longer a vegetarian any day of the week. My stint as a 6 day a week vegetarian didn't last long. But I tried it. I am good at some things. Being a vegetarian is not one of those things. Along with telling me I can't be a part time vegetarian the dietician also gave me a lot of other rules. There are lots of things I can and can't eat. In fact this diet is much different then the first diabetic diet I was on years ago when I was diagnosed. In some ways I think it's harder and in other ways it's easier. I can tell you though I'm hungry. Hungry, hungry, would almost eat my baby hungry. It's a good thing I'm not a canibal.

But my blood sugar is stablizing. I know my infection is improving so that helps but I've been following this stupid eating meat and no other stuff I really like diet and it's working. I can complain all I want but the truth is if I just do as they say I feel better. It's a lot of damn work but I do feel better. So I'm gonna stick with it I suppose. But for the record I would like to be a vegetarian except on Fridays and I'm very hungry!


Julie said...

OMG I know how hard it is! But I've gotten really good at finding high protein meals/snacks, so let me know if you want some tips. I'm a huge dairy person too, so that helps tremendously.

Theresa said...

You can become a Catholic and then eat meat everyday except for Friday. Then you can be a vegetarian for that one day!! Hope you're feeling better!!