Sunday, July 11, 2010

In Trouble

Oh I'm official in trouble. The Granny called me just a few minutes ago and I barely got hello out before she asked why I hadn't posted lately. I pulled up my blog and realized I hadn't posted since Tuesday! Sorry Cricket!!! She gets her Hulk fix and our life updates through the blog so if I don't post I get in trouble. So to get me out of the dog house here are some random going ons at our place.

  1. The living room, hallway, and both bedrooms are completely painted! I finished the living room and hall last night and the boy and I put everything back today. He is actually fairly helpful at moving furniture. That kid is freakishly strong!
  2. My flower bed is a jungle! It has rained so much that I walked in the backyard today and swore I saw a dinosaur out there. It's ridiculous and I think I'm just going to mow it rather than try to weed it.
  3. I only eat meat on Fridays. That is when I go to lunch with Darby and I always get a chicken wrap. So I'm like a backwards Catholic. Only meat on Fridays.
  4. I have about 180,903 photos to edit. I am so behind on our own pictures. It's ridiculous!
  5. I've used ridiculous twice in this post. That is also ridiculous. I'm beginning to think that is the word of the day. Maybe I should title this post ridiculous.
  6. I'm watching Season 4 of 24 thanks to Netflix. I love Netfilx.
  7. I found two dollars in my pants pocket when I put them on this morning. You would have thought it was $200 I was so excited. I love finding money.
  8. I got a rice cooker for my birthday and I'm in love with it. Seriously we are eating a ton of brown rice lately and it cooks it perfectly!
  9. My garden is growing like crazy. I got our first tomatoes last weekend and have had a new one ready each day. Green peppers should be ready to harvest later this week.
  10. The carpet is getting cleaned on Tuesday! Yahoo!!!

Okay Granny does that get me out of the dog house. I promise tomorrow I'll post pictures of the boy. Be careful on the beach!

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