Sunday, December 12, 2010

Almost 3

How is my baby boy almost 3 years old! It just dawned on me the other night that he is way closer to 3 than he is to 2! I think I'm going to boycott this birthday. I don't know that I want my baby to be 3!!!


But since he is almost 3 he is doing so many cool things lately! Things like talking in some complete sentences! Things like using the toilet more and more frequently. Things like pretending when he plays which just cracks me up! Things like attempting to negotiate with me on things. Oh he is turning into quite a boy rather than a baby!

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Hulk is quite the mover! He is pretty much constant motion. Jumping, running, just bouncing everywhere. He really doesn't sit still for much anymore! He is also pretty smart and is doing very well at daycare/school. He is doing some occupational therapy to help with some of his sensory integration issues (hence all the moving) and just recently had a lot of testing that he did well on. He seems to get along well with his classmates and has a little bit of a crush on a little gal in his class.

Hulk all of a sudden HATES and I mean HATES having to take a bath. I don't know what that is about but I am mastering the art of the 2 minute bath with a screaming toddler. He does however love animals and really really wants a pet or ten pets. We are still negotiating that.

So almost three isn't so bad. But I do miss my little baby just a bit!


Mr. Kburk and Mrs. Kburk said...

He looks so grown up with that haircut! :) What a cute little guy!

jodilee0123 said...

I still remember somehow finding your blog before Hulk came home....Seems like just yesterday. I was so happy for you after everything you had been through. Hulk is such a beautiful blessing! Too bad we don't live closer--I think our kids would have a lot of fun together!

Dawn said...

J-You seem to be the best mom EVER! I love following your blog, but I still can't believe you are all grown up. Any chance Hulk will be a swimmer?