Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girl Time

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My sister came home to visit this weekend. We had a really good time! Hulk was super wild and sick of being stuck in the house so it was like wrestle mania up in here! But once he went to bed it was girl time. Complete with chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps for me and some wine for Heather! We ate and drank a little to much while we played table topics. But it was lots of fun and lots of laughing.

Have you ever played table topics? It's a blast! Basically you just pull a card from the stack and answer the question, discuss the question, laugh your head off at the answer to the question. You may get serious questions like who is your mentor or a fun question like where would you like to travel to next. It's not really a game so much as a conversation starter. It will be great when Hulk gets older to encourage dinner time conversation but for now it's just fun to play with my sister while drinking and eating too much. You know just typical girl time activities....

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Julie said...

Love the Table Topics! I got it last year for Christmas from my sister in law and I bought 2 sets for friends for this Xmas -- the original set for a couple, and the "Family" version for a friend of mine who is marrying a man with kids. I thought it would make for some great convo as they start their new family. There are tons of other versions too. Makes a great gift. Hey, we should be getting a cut of their sales, don't you think? ;)