Friday, December 3, 2010

She Laughs Like My Son

As quickly as Amara arrived in our home she left. For just a brief while we were lucky to share our home with such a creative, funny, resilient, and loving child! Luckily for miss firecracker her Daddy stepped forward and is more than willing and capable of providing her with a loving and safe home! So she has moved on now.


Lots of people thought I was crazy for bringing her into our home, a large portion of my family included. "How would this affect Hulk?" "Could I afford it?" "What if we got hurt?" All of these questions were asked of me multiply times by multiple people.


And my answer was and still is "I know this doesn't make sense, it isn't a great time to add another child, there are lots and lots of unknowns. But she laughs like my son!" I don't know that anyone but an adoptive mama could really understand this. But when I heard her laugh and mistook it for Hulks laugh I knew I could not or maybe would not say no! To know that a child so very connected to my own needed a safe place to be and to say no would be unforgivable to me. Maybe others could but I could not.

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So while her short stay was dramatic and difficult in some ways I don't regret a moment of it. Even if she never stays with us again Hulk had the chance to laugh with someone that laughs like him. And I know that is priceless!!!


scrappingma20 said...

I think that you did the right thing. If you hadn't who knows what would of happened to the sweet little girl. Someday you will be thanked for doing this, maybe more jewels for your crown.

Holleyberry said...

I totally get it! I stopped worrying about what "the rest of the world" thought years ago - best decision I ever made. You made a decision out of love, and I think you are absolutely awesome! Bless you for helping that little girl!