Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Cookie Time

When I was a kid my mom always made sugar cookies with me. So now that Hulk is big enough it was time to carry on the tradition. I'll be honest. I was dreading it a little. The mess, the hassle, the mess, did I mention the mess! Yeah I wasn't really looking forward to it. But I decided I had to suck it up and just do it.


And boy am I glad I did! We had SOOOO much fun. Seriously one of the most fun evenings we have ever had. We both laughed so hard. I was crying halfway thru from laughing at him. He kept rolling the dough so seriously and then he would just crack up and say "this is so funny mama." And it was so dang funny and fun and just wonderful!

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There was once when I was laughing and started crying that I was a bit overwhelmed with missing my mom. The sad tears quickly turned to happy tears. This child heals my heart. Everytime we have moments like this I'm reminded of how magical the relationship is between a parent and their child. While yes I miss my mom I know she was with us tonight. Laughing a little bit too. And I hope and pray that some day in the very distant future Hulk will have a moment with his own children and know I'm still there too.

I could get a million dollars on Christmas morning and it wouldn't matter. Tonight was the best gift of all!

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Holleyberry said...

Love this post! How wonderful to make cookies with your son...and I understand completely about missing your Mom. The holidays always seem to be bittersweet. You love and enjoy those still here...but you can't help but miss the ones who aren't. Hugs to you and here's to a safe, happy, healthy and sucessful New Year!