Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Set


I have to admit I am a little bit proud of myself! Today I designed a new photo set to use during the winter months. Since it's to cold to do much outdoor shooting I needed something fun for indoors. So today I got all the supplies I needed and put the new set together.


Since I needed to try it out to make sure the wood floor would stay together and the lighting would be okay I recruited the best neighbor kids in the world. Not only does this beautiful young lady help me wrangle Hulk from time to time and watch him when I have photo sessions she also willingly models for me when needed. Talk about a gem!


And her younger brother is always a great playmate for Hulk. He never grows tired of pulling him around in the wagon or chasing him in the yard. They really are the best neighbor kids a gal could ask for.

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I think we are going to suprise their parents with a few of their photos for Christmas. So it really worked out great. I got to try out the new set and the kids got the Christmas gifts covered. SUCCESS!!!

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Andrea said...

Looks awesome! You did great!