Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Duty (Kansas Photographer)

Last weekend my Spring Photo event could have easily been promoted as a twin event. I had two sets of twins to photograph in one day. I loved it! I have always been intrigued by twins. And then my best friend had these beautiful twins and now it seems like I find twins everywhere. I have been photographing twins quite a bit and while it's double duty it is double the fun!


Not only are these twins delicious and wonderful and marvelous in every way. And no I'm not biased one bit! They are a photographers dream! Those blue eyes that shimmer and shine and their fine fair skin. Oh mercy! They make my camera and my heart oh so very happy!


I think we ended up with some beautiful images of them. The green grass just seemed to make their eyes pop even more! I just adore them and I'm so grateful that I get to photograph them often. Oh and that I get to kiss and cuddle on them too. Yeah that's pretty awesome! I'm one lucky girl!

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