Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have Camera... Will Travel...

This weekend I packed up my camera and my kid and we hit the road! We haven't left town since Thanksgiving! That is a long time for us to be stuck in this little town. Tulsa was calling us and we were more than happy to hit the road.


We had a wonderful time on our weekend getaway. Hulk spent the day with my cousin, his wife, and their children on Saturday. And I took my camera out and about for a day of photo sessions. I had some adorable subjects and had a wonderful time finding fun locations in Tulsa to shoot at.


Since it rained the whole weekend we had to get creative and find some fun indoor locations. Luckily we found a little laundromat. Most of the time I would think that was crazy. But the light was amazing! And the kids got the biggest kick out of the huge washers and dryers. I never would have guessed that the best location would be a dingy little laudromat. Go figure.


The rain couldn't stop the smiles and didn't put a damper on the day. In fact I think it really forced us to try some things I wouldn't usually do. And that is never a bad thing. I still have TONS of pics to edit but I'm having a blast sorting them out.

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But the most important part is we got to spend some time with family. We had so much fun and it was just really nice to get away for a bit. The car ride with a crabby two year old was not so fun but everything in between was fabulous!

How was your weekend?

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