Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Biker Boy!


I have always liked motorcycles. What can I say I'm just a sucker for a nice Harley. I'm even more of a sucker for a cute guy on a Harley. In the past this could have gotten me into a lot of trouble. Wait now that I think about it it did get me into a lot of trouble. But not anymore.


The only reason it doesn't get me into trouble now is because the cute boy on the Harley happens to be my adorable Hulk! Monte got a new to him Harley a couple weeks back and Hulk loves it! He loves to sit on the bike. But only if it's running! He loves the power too I guess. He quickly figured out how to operate the horn and where to turn it on.

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He had a grin from ear to ear the whole time he was on the bike. He was just thrilled and amazed by it. I think I have a future biker on my hands. While not as exciting as my days working at a biker bar and riding too fast down streets on the back of a big Harley watching him take in the Harley for the first time was pretty awesome.

That works for me! I'm pretty happy with this cute biker boy anyways.

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