Friday, April 9, 2010

The Truth

Oh honestly I'm exhausted. There has been so much going on lately that I'm just having a hard time keeping up. And when push comes to shove and something has to give it seems to be blogging. It used to be sleep but now it's blogging. So let's just go rapid fire here!

Sleep Challenge

Okay the sleep challenge was awesome. So awesome in fact that it is no longer a challenge it is just a wonderful habit. Since starting the sleep challenge I feel calmer and more in control of my emotions. I also have lost 15 pounds. That isn't all because of the sleeping but I think it is a huge help! Since I'm getting adequate sleep now I have the energy to exercise and get outside more. Also when I'm not so tired I tend to make better food choices. Also when you go to bed at a decent time you don't tend to snack late at night. Also a plus. So sleeping rocks!!!

Weight Loss

I mentioned above that since the sleep challenge I had lost 15 pounds. That is great but I did the math the other day and since this time last year I have lost 34 pounds. That is thrilling to me. In fact the other day I had to go buy a pair of Capri's because my other ones didn't fit anymore. And I bought a size 18! I was so happy I screamed then cried. I haven't been an 18 since I was in college. So I'm making progress. Chasing a toddler and being to broke to eat out has made a huge impact!!!


Yep I'm still broke. In fact I'm in worse shape now than I was a month ago. It seems the IRS is keeping my tax return because they are saying I still owe them $10,000. So not only do I owe them money but I have no tax return and a huge stack of bills. I should be in a panic but honestly I don't even care anymore! I'm not crying over money anymore. Every month I somehow figure out how to keep us in our house and car and food and I'll keep doing that. Someday I'll get out of debt but I'm not planning on it getting any better anytime soon. Unless of course the house sells. That would kick ass. But again I'm not counting on that either.


Goodness I love that child! He is turning into such an awesome buddy to have around. He is funny and sarcastic and wild and wonderful. He exhausts me in every way imaginable yet also manages to make my cup overflow. Life with him is amazing! My sister said the other day "Doesn't he just make our lives better." Yes he does! Everyday with him is a blessing. Granted some days it is a screaming pull your hair out kind of blessing. But a blessing none the less.

So that is the long and short of it!

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