Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Me... Tuesday???

There is NO way that I forgot it was Monday! I would NOT miss a Monday and then have to post Not me Monday on a Not Me Tuesday. That's crazy!

So where to even begin this week. This has NOT been a crazy weird week for me. I did NOT spend half of my day at work being professional and responsible. I did NOT give a presentation and attend a court hearing. After completing these tasks I was NOT stopped by a professional man who asked me if my child got stickers for Christmas. When I answered yes he did NOT say that it appeared my child had stuck said stickers to my butt!!!! I did NOT have 5 easter bunny stickers on my butt for half of a work day and look like a fool!!!

As if that wouldn't be enough I did NOT take my child with me grocery shopping. We did NOT spend almost an hour in the store going up and down every aisle. When finished I did NOT notice when placing the child in the car that one of his shoes was missing!!! Therefore I did NOT spend another hour looking for said shoe.

What did you NOT do this week?

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