Friday, April 30, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010

I have officially declared 2010 the year of water! At least for our household. Late last night I heard a horrible sound and thought someone had either kicked in my front door or shot at my house. Oh I couldn't be that lucky! It seems that my water pipes were bursting instead!

Pretty much every room with carpet in my house has been damaged. My sisters bedroom and Hulks bedroom were completly saturated. That includes carpet, trim, and half way up the walls. That also includes their closets which I foolishly had things crammed into. Note to self never put things on the floor of closets!

My bedroom closet and half of my room were saturated including walls and trim. The hallway was completely soaked as were both closets in the hallway. And a small portion of the living room was soaked. That leaves the kitchen and dining room and bathrooms undamaged. Those are also the areas of the house that don't have carpet!

My insurance will cover the expenses minus my deductible. So a flood restoration team and I spent the day cleaning up. There are now about 10 fans and 3 huge dehumidifiers in my house. I feel like I'm living in a wet wind tunnel! Everything other than big furniture that was put on blocks had to be removed from the rooms. So I have half my house full of all the stuff that used to be in my whole house. And I'm feeling a little anxious and claustrophobic about that.

Since it's not really very good living conditions here Hulk is spending the weekend out of town having a blast with my sister and her best friend. While he is gone I will continue to sort through soaked things, clean up, and take lots of anti anxiety meds! And I am going to bed in a moment and not setting an alarm and I'm hoping I can sleep in.

Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day!

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Holleyberry said...

Oh my! I am going to start saying a daily prayer for you, poor dear! You have had more than your share and it's about time for the tide to turn! I do know that things will get better - and trust me, we've all had our share of hard times - that's life, but I feel for you and really hope that you get a patch of smooth sailing for a while. You're a good person and a great Mom! Hang in there! Holley in SA