Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Big Purge

I am not sure what exactly pushed me over the edge. It could have been stepping on a little person toy, or maybe it was the toy semi truck that left a nice gash in my foot. But looking back it may have been when I tried to close the hall closet door and it wouldn't shut that I started teetering on the edge. But this morning when I opened The Hulk' closet and had to cram his clean clothes in I fell of the edge! I just wanted to scream! This house was and still is too full!

So begins the great big purge! The toys have been sorted and several bags removed. Both The Hulk and I have only clothes that fit hanging in our closets and filling our dresser drawers. I took 5 HUGE Rubbermaid tubs of clothes to the shop for the next garage sale. After The Hulk went to bed I actually tried on every piece of clothing I own. If it didn't fit properly or if I don't love it goodbye it went! And that hall closet door not only shuts there are now two shelves in it with NOTHING on them!!! Praise Jesus my house is getting bigger.

We are going to have one heck of a garage sale in the fall. Until then I'm going to keep purging. And no more buying! Nothing but necessities are coming into this house for the next three months. That is the goal! The amount of "stuff" we have is absurd and it's going to stop. I'm not living like this anymore. I'm sick of being a slave to all this material crap!

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Julie said...

YES!!! I love purging stuff!!! Mike is a pack-rat and I am a purger. I'd rather only be surrounded by a few quality things that I truly love than a bunch of stuff that I only "kinda" like. You go girl!