Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that this week I did NOT allow my child to do the following things just to keep him occupied long enough for me to go to the bathroom, prepare a meal, eat a meal, edit photographs for work, or take a shower..

Like I said there is NO WAY my boy watched a sesame street DVD, colored on himself with highlighter, wrapped his leg up with scotch tape, removed everything from the kitchen pantry, or ate cheese-its off the floor after he dumped them out of his diaper bag.

I did NOT have to dig a seashell out of the toilet or save a rubber ducky from certain demise from a near flushing incident.

I did NOT in an effort to avoid being late to work feed The Hulk his banana in the car while driving. I did NOT just put him in the car in only a diaper so I could quickly wipe him off when we arrived a daycare and dress him. I did NOT rejoice when I walked into work at 8:02 only 2 minutes late!!!

I did NOT strip the boy down naked and let him play in soap and water while I cleaned the grout on the kitchen floor. I did NOT give him two tooth brushes and let him scrub away like mom because he seemed to think it fun. It did NOT cross my mind that this could be a violation of child labor laws.

I did NOT attempt to dye my hair red and have it end up turning purple. I did NOT just leave it purple because I refuse to spend anymore money on hair dye. I am NOT enjoying my purple head status at all and I do NOT find it oddly fun to have purple hair.

So what did you NOT do this week?????

Clickin Mama

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theygrowinyourheart said...

HAHAHA! Sounds like a typical day at our house:) I'll tell you what I sure didn't do - I didn't let the Sesame street dvd start a SECOND time because I just needed a few more minutes to fold laundry and...well, let's not kid ourselves, lay on the floor with my eyes closed. NO WAY, not me:)