Friday, July 24, 2009

Slow Down

The Hulk has turned into quite the walker lately. And since he is doing so well I tend to let him walk rather than carry him as much as possible. Oh how I love holding the hand of a toddling little boy. While he is walking he surely is not a speed walker. In fact it is quite a meandering pace that he sets. This led my sister last weekend to laugh and ask if I had just gotten used to walking so slow. Which made me pause and think. And in all actuality this hasn't taught me to walk slow it's taught me to slow down. And not just slow down my pace but slow down life.

The lessons children can teach us. The Hulk walks slowly because he is so busy checking everything out. There is not a flower, a speck of dirt, a person, or a blade of grass that goes unnoticed. And those things aren't only noticed. Most often they are mesmerizing adventure. Everything is a joy to The Hulk. In fact this evening The Hulk laid in the yard and studied this one blade of grass for a good 15 minutes. He took it in, tasted it, turned it, twisted it, tore it, and was transfixed by a simple blade of grass!

So my question is when was the last time we basked in the joy of grass or other simple pleasures? When did we really take the time to look at and enjoy the everyday things? And when was it that we decided we didn't have time? So The Hulk I'm so very glad walking slow makes you happy. And I'm so glad you taught your mama to slow down!

Clickin Mama

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