Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Well I can promise you that I did NOT think this was the longest week in history. It drug by but then the weekend flew by! I do NOT wish that weekends were five days long!!!

I did NOT have a blast taking Senior pictures of a young man at his parents farm! I did NOT take my baby with me to let him play with all the animals. I did NOT laugh like crazy as he attempted riding a goat, petting sheep, or mauling kittens. I do NOT find such joy in watching him discover new things.

I did NOT spend a good part of my Sunday purging more things from this house. I'm NOT overwhelmed at all by the clutter and obsessed with getting rid of it.

I am NOT having problems sleeping. I did NOT wake up at 4:00 this morning and stay up. I did NOT edit photos and write this post rather than sleep. NEVER!

I did NOT apply for more jobs in Tulsa. I do NOT feel drawn to moving there at all. I do NOT spend hours praying each week for God to guide me in the right direction. I'm NOT terrified by the idea of moving.

I did NOT have a dream that I dressed The Hulk in a tutu and took him to a carnival like that.

I did NOT have a lentil covered floor yesterday. Some little boy did NOT tear open a bag of lentils and fling them about.

I am NOT going to stop writing this post to attempt going back to sleep for a bit.

Clickin Mama

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