Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Splash Of Fun

We were really desperate for a little fun around here. Things have been too boring! But this mama is broke so we had to find some fun on a budget! And that we did! We went to Wichita to see Heather and found lots of free and very cheap fun. We walked around downtown Wichita and stumbled upon a great farmers market with live music and an unbelievable number of twin children. Seriously one lady had two sets of twins that were 15 months apart! And then there was another set of identical little girls. ADORABLE!!!

We had a lovely lunch at Old Chicago and then found a free spray park that we let The Hulk have a splash of fun in. He wasn't too sure what to think. He was a bit overwhelmed by all the random sprays of water but we had fun watching him try to figure it out. But when he began to make this pathetic shivering sound Aunt Heather saved him from the water and we got him all changed and dry and headed to the zoo.

Originally we weren't going to the zoo because we are broke and didn't want to spend that much. But lucky us one of Heather's coworkers let her in on a little secret. A radio station in town was having a listener appreciation event and if you picked up tickets from them you could get into the zoo for $2.00! YAHOO!!!! So we were thrilled with that... Fun Fun Day!

Here are a few pics from the spray park. I don't have the zoo pics edited yet.

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Beth in NC said...

He is so cute! What adorable pictures.